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Last Saturday, our initial plans of going swimming were dashed when the unhealthy haze still loomed in the air.  So we made a spur of the moment decision and decided to see if we could get tickets to watch a movie instead!

Oh yes.  It had been ages since we had watched a movie in the cinema, and it would be Emma’s very first time! After all, we would be going for Hannah’s school concert in a dark hall soon, so I decided to treat this movie outing as a trial run.

The only movie available and suitable was Inside Out.  Ethan had already learnt that the movie was all about “voices and things in our head”.


Emma was all excited when we walked together to the cinema.  Of course she had no inkling on what to expect.

This was taken right before the show started.  Apologies for the grainy picture because lighting was bad and errrr….. it was almost time to put away our phones anyway…


We had the usual popcorn and water for snacks and Ethan offered to share his seat with Emma.  The show was, on the whole, very entertaining and the cinema was nearly a full house.

Get this: Emma SAT THROUGH the entire movie without getting out from her seat!  No crying, no whining and not even once asked for milk!

I am truly, simply amazed!!

After the show, we asked if she had enjoyed the movie and she gives us her usual, wide-eyed, knowing nod.  She said, “I watched the BIG TV!”

A couple of weeks ago, Pete and I were discussing if we should let Emma start school (Playgroup) next year.  We were not sure if she would be ready yet though, but if she did start school, I would at least have a few hours to spend alone with Hannah next year, since she would be homeschooled.  It was a debatable topic because if she started, it would mean travelling to school every morning too.

Anyway, we decided to let Emma go for a trial parent-toddler class, just like Ethan and Hannah did at her age.  Last Saturday I took her for the 9:00a.m. class.  Woke her up at 8:30a.m. and got her dressed and cleaned up.  However, our little missy fell asleep on the way there!


Good thing she woke up without a fuss when we arrived.  She is very familiar with the school playground because I often take her there when I pick Hannah up from school.

Parent-toddler class is just an avenue for the child to explore various activities while interacting with the parent and hopefully thereafter, kids their age.








Emma certainly looked like she enjoyed her parent-toddler class session.  When we came home, I sang the action songs she was introduced to during circle time and she could even remember the actions, and did them happily, despite only hearing them for the first time that morning!

We will be bringing her to another session tomorrow.  I’m sure she’s looking forward to it!



Last weekend, Hannah brought a little friend home from school.  It was a little Koala Bear stuffed animal and Hannah’s task was to make her little guest feel right at home, and at the same time write about her adventure with the bear.

She was ever so excited and was eager to bring Koala Bear everywhere she went.

Rather than type out her story, I captured them all in pictures straight from her journal.  Hannah was very independent and creative and did all the writing and illustrations by herself, all entirely her own ideas.  The only thing I helped with was printing out the photos.

Go ahead and take a look.









She misses Koala very much, but a bear’s gotta do what a bear’s gotta do… Goodbye little Koala Bear, we had loads of fun with you!


Scrap Credits
Designer Pack QP Freebie from Dees-Deelights


9.3 kilos


Not measured.


After that first visit to the dentist, we can now confirm that Emma has a total of 18 teeth, with 2 top molars to come.

Motor Skills

  • Emma is mastering the art of climbing up and down the stairs, on her own.  When she goes upstairs, she will scale up the stairs on all fours, and when she comes down, she holds on to the balustrade.
  • She does not like to sit in the stroller when we go out now, preferring instead to walk on her own.
  • She has started to really enjoy her bath time now, and sometimes we have to negotiate with her to end her bath.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Emma can sing along to some songs which are played often, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, some Barney songs, and she loves singing with her siblings.  She catches the words pretty quickly when she hears the songs on the TV.
  • Emma can count 1-10 by rote, sometimes she will also say 11 or 12… :)
  • … and some parts of the ABCs too.
  • She can recognise a few colors and can point to items of that color when asked.  Still working on it, but she usually gets PINK and GREEN correct.
  • She can address “Ah Kong” and “Ah Ma”.

Food and Feeding

Emma will eat mostly what the whole family eats now, and she is starting to love chicken too.  She also loves her rice and “char hor fun”.  She will say that she wants to “eat tar pow rice”. :)


We brought Emma for her first visit to the dentist recently.  In the past, my kids began seeing the dentist at least once a year when they turn 2.  So it was the same for little Emma.  We make it a family affair where everyone gets their teeth checked.  It’s a good practice and it’s something I would recommend for all families.

Here she is browsing the reading material in the waiting area…


I had told her about it so she would be prepared, and she watched as Hannah and Ethan took their turns sitting in the chair.

When it was Emma’s turn, she was very confident and ready to go.  The chair was HUGE compared to her, and the dentist gently coaxed her to open her mouth so he could look at her teeth.


I was actually surprised when the dentist told us that all her incisors and canines were there!  I had thought Emma was missing an incisor all this while!  She now has 18 teeth with 2 more molars to come soon.

Good job, Emma! :)

Last Sunday morning, Hannah had her Sports Day event in school.  I was especially glad (as was she) that she could make it, because my little girl had been ill the whole of the previous week and had missed 5 whole days of school.  She had been down with a very high fever (caused by bacterial infection) which had gone up and down, with a high of 40.2°C, and had rendered her weak and also made her lose her appetite.

Anyway, that’s all in the past and I am very proud of my little fighter as she battled her illness with a steel front.


Hannah is in K2, and as is tradition, the K2 kids would set up food stalls for a bake sale with proceeds going to their class fund.  Hannah made the poster for her stall at home, because she was still recuperating at home when her friends made theirs in school.  On the day before Sports Day, I made some wholesome and healthy chocolate beetroot and pumpkin muffins to pack for sale.


Hannah with her friend running the food stall…





It was an overcast Sports Day, so it wasn’t too hot, to the relief of “people who fear the heat” like me.  The event started with the march past… just look how happy Hannah is!


…followed by a warm-up exercise session


Hannah was aiming to get her first gold medal from Sports Day…



…and she successfully did!!!


Hannah continued her entrepreneurial stint selling her muffins, but I think at the end of the day the highlight was winning that coveted gold medal.




Emma-28monthsScrap Credits
Things I ♥ About You QP Freebie from Blagovesta Gosheva


9.0 kilos


Not measured.


I think she has 19.  9 bottom teeth (3 incisors, 2 canines, 4 molars) and  (maybe) 10 upper teeth (4 incisors, 2 canines and 4 molars).  I will make that call to the dentist soon.

Motor Skills

  • She’s started to wear more “regular” clothes nowadays.  Most of her early months, Emma was wearing her sleep-n-plays, which provided protection against her scratching her legs and arms, but now that she is bigger, and healing well from her eczema, I’ve started taking out more and more of Hannah’s lovely clothes for her to wear.  Emma will ask for “pants”, “shorts” and “tights”, and to “wear shirt”, while tugging at her attire indicating she wants to change out of them.  Time for Mommy to start snapping more and more pictures!
  • Can tiptoe and trying her best to jump

Communication and Social Skills

  • Emma’s stringing together more sentences now.
    Mommy: Okay, do you want me to take off your shoes?
    Emma: No take off shoes!
    Mommy: Emma, you can drink your milk and go to sleep, all right?
    Emma: No sleep.
    “Emma eat biscuit!”
    “Watch Bar-yee circle music book!” (her current favorite video: Barney’s Musical Scrapbook)
  • Terrible twos have taken off with more screaming (like a banshee sometimes), so we have had to introduce the naughty stool on some occasions.

Food and Feeding

Emma has been doing really well with self-feeding using a spoon, and can eat quite a fair amount of rice in restaurants when we go out.  Her favorite food at home is of course, still, rice/porridge with chicken or pork, and vegetables such as carrot (purple or orange) or pumpkin.  She loves soup and “char-siew” rice too.



Emma sprang another pleasant surprise on us all last week when she suddenly said, “Amen!” at the end of our bedtime prayer.  We were so surprised and just to make doubly sure, I suggested we say another prayer, after which she clearly said, “Amen!” again. :)

Ah, life’s little surprises are most definitely sweet!



This is one of the activities that keeps Emma occupied these days.  I noticed she was very amused by the Junior Boggle alphabet blocks and kept asking for “blocks”, so I dug out these gorgeous (and well-used) wooden blocks from way back when. Remember the first time I showed you these blocks on my blog?  My, how time has flown!!


Anyway, these are super sturdy and fit into her hands so well.  I’ve taught her how to stack too, as well as how to say “stack”.

It’s stack and crash over and over again now!


Scrap Credits
Daydream QP Freebie from Blagovesta Gosheva
Awesome Alphas from Allison Pennington


8.7 – 8.8 kilos (yes, she thrived and grew much more since Daddy returned from the States!)


Not measured.


I think she has 19.  Hopefully I will be able to check in more detail soon…or perhaps when we take her for her first dental checkup soon.  Meanwhile, this is what I think she has: 9 bottom teeth (3 incisors, 2 canines, 4 molars) and  (maybe) 10 upper teeth (4 incisors, 2 canines and 4 molars).

Motor Skills

  • Likes carrying things around: stools, chairs, toys, bags.  In fact, when I tell her we are going out, she will grab her “handbag” and sling it over her shoulder, announcing to everyone that she is taking her “bag”.
  • Very good progress hopping and jumping.  Getting there…almost.
  • Runs quite fast and follows me most of the time at home.
  • Will choose the clothes she wants to wear and sometimes refuses what I have set out for her.
  • Love flipping through books and “reading” them.
  • Loves doodling on the doodle pad and at times, I use it as a makeshift “babysitter”.

Communication and Social Skills

  • She can address all of us in the family by name now, including “E-thin!!”
  • She can point to her diaper and say “pee pee” and “poo poo”, asking me to undress her and take her to the potty, but unfortunately we have not had any “output” thus far.  I’m using the potty seat on a adult toilet, so it’s easier to clean up.
  • Emma can string together short sentences now:
    • “Watch Bar-yee!!”
    • “Watch choo-choo train!
    • “Uh-oh…Bar-yee fall down!”
  • Screams REALLY loudly when she doesn’t get her way.  The start of the terrible twos, perhaps?
  • She can state her opinion by shaking her head and say “No!” very distinctly.
  • She loves to dance to music and will even attempt to sing the songs.  She loves “Uptown Funk”, by the way.
  • She will look at the alphabet magnets on our refrigerator door and say “A B A B” as if she is singing the alphabet song.
  • She knows a few shapes and can identify them when we draw it out for her:
    • Circle
    • Heart
    • Square
    • Star
    • Flower
    • Fish
    • Apple
    • House
    • Cat
    • Dog

Food and Feeding

Still loving her fruits and vegetables and will grab my spoon whenever I am feeding her or even when I am eating.  She is quite okay handling the spoon on her own but it can get quite messy.  We will probably let her try feeding herself in a restaurant one of these days (so we don’t need to clean up!)

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