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Bible Verse of the Day

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…

In a simple, yet meaningful ceremony, Ethan was baptized today in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in the afternoon. Both his grandparents came to witness this special occasion, beaming with pride. We invited Ethan’s grand-uncle (our AKU a.k.a Uncle Calum) to be his godfather, so technically Ethan will need to address his godfather as “Kay-pah-koo-kong” (Godfather + Grand-uncle all-in-one)… what a mouthful huh?We were kinda worried that he would start crying during the baptism, but thankfully he sat through the entire hour patiently. God answers prayers 🙂

In a coincidental manner, there was another baby named Ethan being baptized at the same time too, so Father Francis Anthony had to say “Ethan Chua” every time he referred to our boy.

Before the baptism: Ethan (surprisingly) behaving himself

Ethan posing for a shot while being baptized with holy water…

…and one for the album…

After the baptism, we all adjourned to Cherry Sweet Thai Restaurant in town for dinner.


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