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Bible Verse of the Day

Splish Splash I was taking a bath…

Pete and I had a really good time bathing Ethan last night. It will go down as one of the best baths ever. The little fellow kicked and splashed with his hands and feet, until Daddy also had his face wet! Somehow he had more energy last night and was REALLY hyperactive, enjoying every moment of his bath time.Ethan has come a long way, bath-wise. I still remember the very first time Pete bathed Ethan. He was such a fragile baby then and we were so very careful – afraid that he might just slip out of our hands. He bawled the first time he had his bath, perhaps afraid of the water. Or maybe he just did not like the feeling of nakedness.

By and by, we slowly but surely let him enjoy his bath by first wiping his face and then his body and then bathing him in the tub. I remember both grandmas bathing him once too. He was still rather docile then….. But I think his grandmas would not be able to handle his activeness in the tub nowadays; he would flap his arms and kick his feet, splashing water all over the place! Not to mention wriggling and rolling and giggling!

Pete is very adept at bathing Ethan now and is the house expert 🙂 I am positive that Ethan looks forward to every session he is being bathed by Daddy. What with the male bonding and all. I’m looking forward to more exciting moments bathing Ethan and I can’t wait to witness his antics tonight during bath time!
What an awesome way to unwind and end the day!


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