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Our First Trip: Day 2

Got up early for breakfast at the hotel. Well, actually Ethan was up early so we had to wake up early too. After breakfast, we got ready to go out shopping (again!) – today is Ikea day!
Managed to get the Ikea high chair for Ethan and amid all the rush, we managed to breeze through shopping in about an hour! That’s a record for us, okay?

Met up with Ethan’s Uncle Allan and Aunty Pei Gee for lunch at Pho Hoa. Awesome Vietnamese cuisine. Ethan couldn’t keep still (again!) so had to carry him and walk around most of the time.

After lunch, we checked out of the hotel and headed to Sheraton Subang. We decided to stay at Sheraton cos that’s where the wedding dinner would be held and it would be more convenient in times of “emergency”.

Ethan fell asleep on the way to Subang. Actually I am beginning to believe that the car really works wonders to provide a soothing feeling for a baby to fall asleep. We checked in and barely had time to freshen up and then rushed to church for the wedding.

The reception followed soon after – yup, you guessed it… Ethan could NOT sit still again! Pete and I had to take turns carrying him around the reception hall. He was really in his element, demanding all the attention he can get. In spite of this, he still managed to look really adorable and oh-so-bulat!

Towards the end of the dinner, he (finally) fell asleep on my shoulder.


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