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My Labor of Love

I’ve heard that breastfeeding supposedly becomes easier when baby attains the age of 6 months. Well, when I first started breastfeeding Ethan, it was certainly no walk in the park and at that time, I could not wait till he was 6 months old. I was under the impression that once he reaches 6 months, he would not be so dependent on milk as he would already start on solids.6 months has come and gone, and I must say that I am quite wrong about him being NOT so dependent on my milk. Yes, Ethan has been taking rice cereal for about 3 weeks now and yes, he appears to be enjoying it, but I am happy to note that he STILL prefers what he knows is BEST: Mommy’s Milk.

To date, he is taking a few spoonfuls of cereal mixed with fruit or vegetable (he loves pears, carrots and apples) at lunch time every day and completes his meal with milk. Sometimes I will give him some fruit for dinner when I get back from work. I’ve read that up till the age of 1, a baby’s diet is to comprise mostly of milk in order to provide adequate nourishment. I’m glad our Ethan is doing a great job in fulfilling this fact.

I’ve watched our boy grow from a small fragile infant into an active and bulat baby. I’ve watched him mature from crying for every single thing to babbling incoherently to giggling uncontrollably when he plays. It is so very rewarding to witness this miracle of growth, to have my spirits uplifted each time I am greeted with that toothless grin, that gentle touch and those big loving eyes…and to know I have provided him the best by breastfeeding.

What a blessing Ethan is to us! I know I will miss being his sole food provider in future as he grows up, but for now, I will enjoy this magical bond we share. And I know I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life.


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