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New toy for boy

The very canggih Fisher Price high chair we ordered from the States finally arrived. It is supposedly highly recommended for feeding, as it will keep baby entertained while mommy is fixing his meal. On top of that, it emits 6 songs and cheerful sounds! It also comes with teether toys attached; toys that would not dropped even if baby hurls them. What more could a baby ask for?Well, Pete wasted no time in setting up the chair, despite the numerous components it comprises. Pete always has a knack in fixing things up, and he loves doing so.

Anyway, after the chair was ready for its opening ceremony, we put Ethan in it. He seemed a little confused though, as he was used to the sleek and simple Ikea high chair we also have (and plan to pass to the baby sitter). This Fisher Price one was a different story altogether! It was BEEEEEEEG, albeit a little on the ugly side, but it is functional. It has cushioned seats, so when our boy jerks his head backward *sometimes*, he would not hurt his head. Heh.

We showed him the toys the chair came with, and soon enough, he was playing happily with them. Ermmmm……Playing here means chomping and sucking on them toys…just in case you were wondering.

Me and my Ikea high chair

Huh?…what’s this Daddy? A new toy you fixed for me?

Hey…I’m getting the hang of this! This chair is pretty darn cool!

Okay Mommy…now I’m ready for my meal. Feed me NOW!!


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