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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers
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Bible Verse of the Day

Our Strong Baby

When Ethan was but 2 months’ old, he was already kicking quite hard. The baby sitter even commented that based on her experience with other babies, he seemed to be stronger. She actually attributed it to my diet during pregnancy, and said it must be because I had really nutritious food then. Little did she know that I stuffed myself silly with McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Spicy Crispy Chicken McDeluxe AND Pizza Huts’ Super Supreme… Heh… That’s junk food for ya.Pete’s theory, on the other hand, is that Ethan strength is attributed to the fact that I give him massages every day. Since he was born, after his bath, I will massage his body, arms and legs with baby lotion. Baby massages are known to be comforting to both mother and baby and helps with bonding and relaxing too.

Although it is becoming harder and harder to administer the massages nowadays, for the simple reason that Ethan is mobile now, he still gets his massages. Well, I guess….until he learns how to run away, that is …


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