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Cheeky Lil’ Fella

Ethan has yet again proven that he is one photogenic baby.Over the weekend, SIL (Ethan’s Koh-Koh) presented an early Christmas present to him: his first vehicle, which amazingly is a TRAIN! Anyway, this is a toy which is designed to aid baby in walking, something like a push-and-stride thingy.

Only to be used when baby is 12 months and up, it was no surprise that Ethan’s feet dangled above the ground when he sat on it. So he now just amuses himself with the buttons and sounds on this new gadget now.

We did manage to take a few shots of him on the toy train. Really really….and I mean REALLY cheeky shots. Whenever the camera got ready to capture the picture, Ethan would instantly flash a cheeky grin….without fail. Check them out:


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