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Ethan’s First Christmas

Our little family spent Christmas eve in Taiping and Christmas day in Ipoh. It was a rather rushed-filled holiday, but all in all, we all had a ball of a time this Christmas. Ethan boy, of course, had loads of fun… after all, why wouldn’t he? His t-shirt clearly states: WARNING! Little Monster on the Loose! Heh heh…Ethan was showered with so much love and attention, and of course presents!

And what did Daddy and Mommy get him? Check this out: We got him his first pair of red Adidas football boots, similar to what Daddy owns. The boots came with a toy Santa Claus. We also got him a denim cap with the letter P in front. Pete says P stands for “Pete’s boy” but secretly, I think it stands for “Phai-see” (Hokkien for Naughty) . Hehehe… By the way, the cell phone in the picture is not Ethan’s – it is just for size comparison.

We managed to get a couple of precious shots of Ethan wearing his new cap, and it is a wonder how we did it, because almost every time we put the cap on him, he would immediately pull it right off his head!


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