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Bible Verse of the Day

Addicted to Ice Cream

Our last outing to Queensbay Mall was on December the 30th, and coincidentally, New Zealand Natural Ice Cream was having its 30% off promotion (it’s similar to Baskin Robbins’ 31% off every 31st of the month, except for New Zealand’s, it will occur every month, except February. Sure doesn’t take a genius to figure out why… duh)Anyway, since we had been deprived of ice cream for such a long time, we decided to get a pint (we couldn’t get too many pints cos our freezer space is mostly used up to store my frozen EBM). Guess what flavor we got? Irresistably RUM N RAISIN. Yummy…

The entire tub was finished by Pete and I in 2 seatings. We’re going back for more next month.


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