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Unveiling an All-New Ethan Boy!


After some fiddling and twiddling, ….. we are proud to unveil a brand new site for Ethan, entirely owned by us! 🙂  Nice or not? 😀

Yes, yes…that’s why I have not been posting anything in the past couple of weeks.  Busy playing around with my new toy, … ahem …site!

By the way, all the old posts are still available in this new site (I managed to migrate them over from the old blogger site) so please update your bookmarks and links accordingly.  I’ve also enabled COMMENTS on this site, since I have received feedback that my faithful readers (Ethan’s aunties and uncles, grandpas and grandmas) all are itching to say stuff but could find no way of saying it.  So there… commenting is available now… (postdated commenting also available, so if you want to comment on previous posts, feel free to do so!)

  1. Susan’s avatar

    Very nice !

    luv the cutie-pie photos on the banner

    Joyce sez: Thank you! Will you be making a move to have your own site too?


  2. Susan’s avatar

    No plan for now.
    Contented with the Blogger (no la, not promoting them).

    Probably one fine day when I become a SAHM : )

    Joyce says: I noticed you said “when” 😉


  3. Evan, Angie & Ben’s avatar

    Congratulations on the move!!

    Joyce says: Thank you! 🙂 Feels good to move too!



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