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One of the places we frequently go for dinner is at Passions of Kerala in Brown Garden, more famously known as Innira’s.  We have been bringing Ethan there almost every week since he was very small, so you could say that the folks at Innira’s have seen him grow up literally.  When we first went there, Ethan still had to be in his infant carrier; by and by he matured into the baby high chair and now he can toddle around Innira’s, bringing a smile to even the gloomiest face there.

With his adorable giggles, Ethan has captured the hearts of all the aunties and uncles at Innira’s, especially Aunty Saras, who speaks to Ethan in a way only they both can understand.  The folks at Innira’s look forward to our visits every weekend – in fact the weekend before last we didn’t manage to go and when we went there the weekend after, everyone was so HAPPY to see us; we could tell that they missed Ethan SO much.  There were also a couple of times when we arrived in the restaurant with our table readily set, complete with baby chair and all and our orders on the way! Sometimes, Aunty Saras would also come and open the car door for us, beaming happliy when she sees Ethan.  If that’s not excellent service, I don’t know what it is 🙂

Ethan is so comfortable there, and he loves all the lights they put up right outside the restaurant.  We get free baby-sitting at Innira’s and awesome mouth-watering banana leaf cuisine.  What more could we ask for?


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