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April 2007

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We bought 4 cups of yogurt yesterday night and decided to try if Ethan likes it.  I gave him baby yogurt before a few months ago, but he didn’t like it, and I had to finish it all up in the end.  😛

Anyway, I gave him a spoonful and he gave a sourish-looking face.  Some of the yogurt dribbled out from his mouth but he swallowed most of it.  Then I took a spoonful myself, and exaggerated how GOOD it was…..:) I followed that with another spoonful for him.  Sour face again.  Then I ate another spoonful, and when I fed him his third spoonful of delicious mango yogurt, he took it happily and smiled, showing whatever teeth he had 🙂  He even asked for more after that!  And when the whole cup was finished, he still insisted he wanted some more, even though I told him “No more…”  Hehe… will try with strawberry yogurt tonight.

The yogurt I fed him is the low-fat variety, but I might try making my own high-fat yogurt with the low-fat starter later on, when I have introduced milk powder, or other forms of milk to Ethan.  After the yogurt extravaganza last night, and after his bath, Ethan became superhyperactive and Pete claims it could be because of the yogurt.  You think?

Lately I have started becoming slightly conscious of attempts to wean Ethan from my breast (I say *slightly* because I think subconsciously I am not even sure myself if I want to wean…but eventually my boy will have to grow up, right?). 

Every evening when we come home from work, Ethan will play with his toys for a moment, before he realizes he misses me, and then he will come over to me and ask for comfort suckling.  Sometimes he will drift off for a short nap before he wakes up and takes his bath.  But sometimes he will just sleep through and miss his bath entirely.  That’s all right too, cos his baby sitter has started giving him a late afternoon bath as well nowadays, because he is so active that he sweats a lot.  Anyway, when he is ready for bed, I will breastfeed him and tuck him in when he is done.  I tell you, he looks so preciously adorable when he is fast asleep… angelic, even…

Previously when he wakes up during the night, or about midnight, I will breastfeed him again, a surefire way to get him back to dreamland.  But a few days ago, when he woke up around 11p.m., I took him into the kitchen and gave him a drink of water.  Ethan can drink from a normal adult cup now and loves doing so, but since I have yet to get him a lighter one he can hold himself, I still need to hold the ceramic cup for him now.  After a few gulps of water, I took him into the room and laid down with him on the bed.  Miraculously he fell asleep immediately!  So he was just thirsty!  And he slept till 4:30a.m. – which is good judging by Ethan’s standards okay? 

Apart from water, I’ve also tried singing and rocking him to sleep sometimes.  In fact most of the time, when he wakes up during the night, it’s not because he is hungry but more so because he feels lonely or perhaps just thirsty.  So there you have it.  My *feeble* attempt at weaning.  May not be much thus far, but it’s a start.

So we’re well aware that Ethan is musically-inclined.  And he loves music.  Aren’t kids supposed to like nursery rhymes and Barney-like songs?  Well, the closest I got to him liking kiddie songs is when I sing these songs to him: songs like “The Wheels of The Bus”, “If You’re Happy” and “Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes” will make him smile.  But you know what kind of music REALLY makes him happy and clap his hands?

Music from FlyFM. Yup, the radio station.  That’s the station Mommy and Daddy listen to in the car, and every time a song is played, he will clap his hands and grin happily.  From rock to rap to pop, that is a surefire way to get him clapping.  Funny though that he doesn’t clap to nursery rhymes….

Ethan has a new baby sitter, however the baby sitter is only available in our house.  Check it out: 

Look at how much he enjoys playing with it!  Hehehe… that’s the wooden educational toy we bought for Ethan from Ikea…psssst! Great for adults too!  Pete set up the toy on Saturday night and we introduced it to Ethan on Sunday.  He was intrigued immediately and was playing with it quietly for a good half an hour while I took my shower and did some household chores.  And after we came back from church, Ethan immediately headed for that toy and began playing with it intently again.  We’re not sure how long this craze will last, but for now, it’s as good as a baby sitter at home.

Last weekend we made our somewhat mandatory visit to Queensbay Mall and stopped by Toys ‘R Us.  Pete spotted the little green soldier toys that was so popular back when we were kids.  You know those dark green soldier figurines?  Well, now they have it sold nicely in packs like these:


Pete, who was carrying Ethan, picked up a packet to see if it was any different than in the heydays, and of course, Ethan grabbed hold of the packet immediately.  He held on to it as if his life depended on it, even when I tried to take it from him.  He even screamed loudly in protest when I did that.  Tsk tsk… he’s much too young for this la…. although his Daddy is beaming with pride. :p

Yesterday evening we took Ethan to Dr Jessica’s clinic for his 14th month checkup and pneumococcal booster jab.  Ethan was so excited when we arrived at the hospital, especially when he saw the escalator.  While waiting for our turn, he just could not keep still and kept walking around, much to the delight of everyone around him.  Watch this: I took this out of boredom…

We were ushered into the doc’s clinic very soon after.  His height and head circumference was still the same as last month, but his weight had increased to 9.5 kilos.  And then it was jab time… as soon as Ethan saw the syringe, he kept saying “mai mai mai“.  But after the quick jab, he was his usual cheerful self again.  Our next visit would be when he turns 18 months.

Yesterday I noticed that Ethan has 2 more teeth.  2 lower molars, to be exact.  The upper molars were supposed to appear first and I’m not sure if they have, but I noticed the lower molars yesterday.  So 10 in total.

Last night at about 3:30 a.m., Pete woke me up from my slumber and asked me to look at what Ethan was doing: standing upright in his cot just looking at me and grinning.  Pete told me this morning that Ethan was already up for quite some time gesturing toward the fan/ceiling.  I immediately brought Ethan to our bed and cuddled him to sleep.  Ethan loves to snuggle with Mommy. 🙂 He let out soft whimpers as he dozed off.  We weren’t sure if he was feeling teething pains.  We pray not 🙁

I don’t know what got into Ethan last night, but it was SO difficult to put him to bed.  After his warm bath at about 9p.m., I breastfed him.  Under normal circumstances, he would be in dreamland in about 15 minutes or less.  Last night, he decided that he still wanted to play.  He hopped down from my lap after he had his milk, then he walked over to his toys and began playing with his colored blocks.  I cajoled him to go to bed, but he refused.  Instead, he chose to walk around the house babbling incoherently, eyes wide awake, mind you!  After some time, I decided to take him into our room and make him sleep there instead (this plan worked before).  But instead of falling asleep on our comfy bed, he preferred to roll around, crawl around and even walk around the room… so much for my plan!  I had to wait for him to tire himself out, I thought.  I even asked Pete to pretend to sleep on the bed with Ethan and I to see if our boy would want to sleep too.  But Ethan was adamant he wanted to play still…. so Pete decided to take him out into the living room, while I did the laundry and some cleaning up.

Finally, we noticed that Ethan had a hint of eyebags which denoted he was ready for bed, but still he was *conversing* with us loudly and excitedly.  I took him into the room anyway, and he fell asleep after 10 minutes! 🙂  It was already past 11:00p.m. then.

Ethan woke up in the middle of the night, but I was not stirred from my sleep at all, until Ethan called “Mommeeee!” clearly.  That got me right out of bed – well, Pete brought Ethan to me la.  Hehe… well, actually I had no recollection of the incident in the middle of the night, except for the “Mommeeee!” part.  Pete, who can wake up at the drop of a pin, was the one who told me what happened.

Ethan loves to play with shadows.  We would watch him crawling or walking, with his gaze transfixed on the shadows he makes and he would make a conscious attempt to touch the shadows.  It’s amusingly funny, I tell ya.

This morning, the sun was streaking through the curtains in our living room, casting gorgeous beams all across the floor.  I noticed Ethan was just standing there and looking at the shadows on the ground and the walls.  So I stood at a position where I cast a shadow right in front of where he was standing.  His eyes looked at my shadow.  Then I moved swiftly to the right, and he turned to follow. I jumped to the left, he turned to follow again.  Soon he figured that I was the one making the movements and he giggled happily and clapped his hands in glee!  I started making shadow puppets on the wall and he was truly amazed! 

Ahh… the simple things we take for granted are the very things that amuses a toddler.  Pete says playing with shadows will cause a kid to get nightmares – really ah?

Last weekend, Pete and I decided to make a trip to KL at the very last minute.  We had the hotel booking done in a jiffy, most of our packing done on Friday night and believe it or not, we were on our way at 10:00a.m. on Saturday morning.  That’s not bad, considering we had to give Ethan his bath and feed him first before we left.

Ethan fell asleep shortly after leaving the Juru toll booth and slept for about 2 hours straight!  After we passed Ipoh, our tummies were already rumbling, so we decided to make a stop in Bidor for the famous Pun Chun wan ton mee.  I ordered char siew pau for Ethan while Pete and I ate the (very expensive and overpriced) wan ton mee (RM4.50 per plate!) Ethan of course enjoyed his char siew pau a lot and so we left Bidor shortly after.

We arrived in Mutiara Damansara and checked into the Royale Bintang at about 3p.m.  Ethan was enjoying the new environment tremendously and was walking around, no holds barred, much to our amusement.  He was still VERY active when we reached our room and was opening all the cabinets and even checking out the washroom, while waiting for the housekeeping folks to bring the baby cot in. 

So… after a LOOOOOooooooOOOOOOng while of playing around the room, I finally was able to breastfeed Ethan, and he was knocked out almost instantly.  It began to rain too, so all three of us had a much-deserved afternoon nap.

We were only awakened by a phone call from SIL who wanted to make plans to meet up for dinner.  Pete and I quickly got ready and freshened up right before our boy woke up, stretched and gave us a tired but adorable grin, that could only mean “I’ve slept enough…now bring on the adventure!”  We went to the hotel lobby to have our welcome fruit punch (which was quite good, really!) and then hopped over to Mothercare for some…urrmmm….light shopping.  Ethan was the total picture of happiness as he smiled happily when he saw the many many escalators at The Curve.

We had a lavish dinner at Italiannies, an astounding Italian restaurant at The Curve.  I shared some of my Classic Fettucine Carbonara with Ethan, who really enjoyed the pasta to bits.


Us adults stuffed ourselves silly with all the fattenning delicious Italian food, including meatball spaghetti, deep-fried calamari and grilled salmon. 

And if that wasn’t enough we had dessert at New Zealand Ice Cream.  I ordered the yogurt sundae which was fat-free and sugar-free (somewhat).  I gave a few spoonfuls to Ethan (it was his first taste of ice cream) and strangely enough, he showed a really sour face!  That being said, he kept coming back for more…

The next morning, we had our buffet breakfast at the hotel and then went to Ikano Power Center for some quick look-see and shopping. 

We went back to the hotel, gave Ethan his bath, then met SIL for lunch and then we were on our way back to Penang.  Ethan slept for about 2 hours again on the way back.  We are so very proud of him for behaving himself all through the journey.  Travelling with Ethan is much easier now that he is bigger, since he can take almost everything we eat.  Also, giving him a bath is a breeze since he can just stand in the shower stall and allow us to shower him down!

This means we can plan more trips outstation from now on 🙂

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