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Separation Anxiety all over again

On Monday when we were walking towards Mrs Tan’s house and Pete was carrying Ethan, Ethan cried in a manja manner and wanted me to carry him.  When we reached Mrs Tan’s doorstep, Ethan cried slightly louder and protested to being left with Mrs Tan and wanted to stick to me like glue.

Luckily Mrs Tan quickly interjected by saying, “Where’s the bird?  Where’s the bird?” (She’d hang a birdie toy in the doorway of one of the rooms and it sang a song when touched).  Well well… Ethan immediately looked toward the direction of the birdie toy, seemingly distracted.  Pete and I said our goodbyes and made a quick escape.

I was kinda sad leaving Ethan at the sitter’s because he apparently knows now that he is being left with someone else while Pete and I are at work.  🙁 Mrs Tan says it happens to all babies.  I can only pray that Ethan will understand…

  1. WS’s avatar

    Same as Ern..stick to me like superglue now..

    Joyce says: Advice from the experts – next time you want them to stick, they also dowan to stick to you 😛


  2. huisia’s avatar

    Separation anxiety is a toughest part to deal with..will last till to toddlerhood or even longer.

    Joyce says: My friend tells me it is 8 months, then now she says it is 15 months, and now you tell me till toddlerhood??!! 😛


  3. Angie & Ben’s avatar

    Evan too.. He will stick to me the moment he sees me, and I have to hide from him. And he will cry and cry when we say “bye bye” in the morning before going to work.

    Joyce says: Does he still cry though?


  4. Juan Juan’s avatar

    kitty’s the same too… but the experts say that the more we linger the worse the crying would be… so last time i hv to put on an iron face and pretended i didnt hear her and say goodbye directly and firmly before i leave. It was hard becoz some paediatric studies say not to sneak away even though it’s the easiest way out for me and I can’t help doing so too.

    Joyce says: Yes, I always make it a point to say Bye Bye first.



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