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Passport & Haircut

We took Ethan to get his passport done today.  We are planning a trip to Singapore (maybe) soon, so we’re just getting everything ready first.  My own passport had also expired last year, so I did mine at the same time.  This is Ethan’s passport photo, taken a few days earlier.  I placed him on my lap and he was facing at a right angle to where I was facing.  Leng-chai or not? 😉

After that we hopped over to Standard Chartered and opened an in-trust savings account (Young Savers Account) for Ethan with the moolah he received from Chinese New Year angpows.

We had lunch at New World Park and then it was haircut time for our whole family! 🙂 We drove to Prangin Mall to the hair salon we frequented mainly because of the head massage thrown in :P.  Pete had his hair cut while I breastfed Ethan in the baby room in Parkson.  Ethan fell asleep soon after and I placed him in his stroller and pushed him to the hair salon.  While he slept, I had my hair cut and washed.  He woke up just in time as Pete had just finished his hair cut about 5 minutes before that.  So after I finished my hair cut, we asked the hairdresser to use the shaver blade #2 to shave Ethan’s head.  As expected, our boy struggled and screamed, because as you know, he hates anything on his head.  Thankfully, it was all over within a space of 5 minutes or so.  Results?  Handsome leh…..! 🙂


  1. Angie & Ben’s avatar

    Ethan looks sooo adorable in the passport photo!

    Joyce says: Hehe…we think so too! 🙂 Can you just imagine how difficult it was to make him sit still for that shot?


  2. huisia’s avatar

    Ethan looks so cool in the passport photo..
    haircut time for whole family..really can save time.

    Joyce says: It’s the way-cool denim jacket 🙂


  3. laundryamah’s avatar

    hey how did u get the picture so perfect?? both my kids had us in the background as we had to carry them! hahahaa

    Joyce says: The bottom part of the picture had part of my hand showing, but for passport, that section could be cropped out. They also gave us a CD containing a copy of his photo in digital format. Cool huh?


  4. Vernon Mommy’s avatar

    Ethan look so cool in his passport photo 🙂

    Joyce says: 🙂 Do you think he takes after Daddy or Mommy…. or both??


  5. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Ethan looked so grown up in that passport photo.

    Joyce says: Yup, sometimes I can hardly believe how fast he is growing up before my very eyes.



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