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Attempt at Weaning

Lately I have started becoming slightly conscious of attempts to wean Ethan from my breast (I say *slightly* because I think subconsciously I am not even sure myself if I want to wean…but eventually my boy will have to grow up, right?). 

Every evening when we come home from work, Ethan will play with his toys for a moment, before he realizes he misses me, and then he will come over to me and ask for comfort suckling.  Sometimes he will drift off for a short nap before he wakes up and takes his bath.  But sometimes he will just sleep through and miss his bath entirely.  That’s all right too, cos his baby sitter has started giving him a late afternoon bath as well nowadays, because he is so active that he sweats a lot.  Anyway, when he is ready for bed, I will breastfeed him and tuck him in when he is done.  I tell you, he looks so preciously adorable when he is fast asleep… angelic, even…

Previously when he wakes up during the night, or about midnight, I will breastfeed him again, a surefire way to get him back to dreamland.  But a few days ago, when he woke up around 11p.m., I took him into the kitchen and gave him a drink of water.  Ethan can drink from a normal adult cup now and loves doing so, but since I have yet to get him a lighter one he can hold himself, I still need to hold the ceramic cup for him now.  After a few gulps of water, I took him into the room and laid down with him on the bed.  Miraculously he fell asleep immediately!  So he was just thirsty!  And he slept till 4:30a.m. – which is good judging by Ethan’s standards okay? 

Apart from water, I’ve also tried singing and rocking him to sleep sometimes.  In fact most of the time, when he wakes up during the night, it’s not because he is hungry but more so because he feels lonely or perhaps just thirsty.  So there you have it.  My *feeble* attempt at weaning.  May not be much thus far, but it’s a start.

  1. huisia’s avatar

    maybe just give him water when he wakes up at night..see how first la..maybe he can get used of the water and finally you can wean off successfully.

    Joyce says: I might try that soon, thanks. It’s just that it’s way easier to breastfeed him.


  2. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Hey! I’m doing the same thing with Darrius too! I bring along his water bottle into the room every night for the past few weeks and now I’ve cut down to just 1 feed in 24hrs. Though he still cry for milk every night, I tried giving him just water instead of bfg him. I hope to wean him b4 he turns 18-mth.

    Joyce says: Aiyo…after this post, I tried to give him water again when he woke up at midnight and he rejected it! It could be cos Ethan drinks water from a cup and not from a bottle.



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