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Trip to Ipoh and Taiping

Last weekend, we made a trip to our hometowns on Ipoh and Taiping.  It has been quite some time since we went back (I think the last time was CNY), so since there was a long holiday and all, we decided to go first to Ipoh on Saturday and then to Taiping on Sunday.  We had planned on packing on Friday night and leaving as early as possible on Saturday, but Ethan apparently had other plans in store for us.  On Friday night, he decided that he wanted to stay up as late as possible, hence making it impossible for us to pack.  In the end, we had to do everything on Saturday morning itself; we had our dim sum brunch and were on our way about half past noon.  We arrived in Ipoh at about 2:30p.m. and it didn’t take long for Ethan to get acquainted to his Ah Ma and Ah Kong, and of course, the house… see how much at home he is?

There is toy in Ipoh that fascinates Ethan so.  It is actually a dustbin, but Ah Ma bought it not to be a dustbin, but more so to entertain Ethan.  It’s amazing what normal every day things can do to kids, huh?


After dinner on Saturday night, Ah Ma and Ah Kong took Ethan across the road to Kinta City for about half an hour, to have a field time at the escalators.  Yes, Ethan is still very much in awe of escalators and we can really feel the force towards the escalators every time we go to the mall.

On Sunday morning, we went to the famous Nam Heong coffee shop in Leech Street, Old Town to have brunch.  This is the shop where the famous white coffee originated from.  Ethan could not take coffee, at least not yet, so he had to make do with the roti bakar.  Yummy yummy…. see how he checked to see what it is before he puts it in his mouth?  Definitely traits of a discerning food connoiseur….

Before leaving Ipoh, Ethan had some fun at home, playing with Ah Ma and Ah Kong, while Mommy and Daddy packed up.

Ethan did not sleep at all in the car from Ipoh to Taiping.  He was busy checking out the surroundings and what he could see from the car window.  And when we reached Taiping, it didn’t take long for him to find his playmate – a punch-n-bounceback toy!  It was a toy which Aunty Pauline had bought and although it is rather heavy for a kid, our boy can easily put his arms around it and lift it up!

Too bad the mosquitoes in Taiping got a little too close for comfort and gave Ethan 2 little *presents* as soon as he arrived.  But Ethan was still his jolly good self, and since Ethan boy had so much energy, we decided to take a drive to the Taiping Lake Garden in the evening.  Would you believe he actually fell asleep in the car on the way there?  We woke him up nevertheless upon arrival and he immediately wanted to walk around on his own.  No, actually he wanted to walk TOWARDS the lake.  It was dangerous, so most of the time, we had to carry him.

We reached home on Monday evening, tired and missing Penang.  Ethan of course went around our house checking that everything was still there 😛

Actually I had planned on introducing formula to Ethan on May 1st but unfortunately Daddy fell sick, so I had to put my plans on hold, as breastfeeding would give Ethan the necessary antibodies to combat Daddy’s flu.

  1. huisia’s avatar

    Ethan looks chubby in the first photo..very very cute.

    Joyce says: Still chubby? He has actually grown leaner now that he is mobile… hehe.


  2. shooi’s avatar

    The punch-n-bounceback toy is actually very dangerous for toddlers. My friend’s son lost his balance when he ran and tried to hug the toy,and fell hard and knock against the lips resulting in very bad cut.

    Bryan has one too, a gift fr his aunt. But we put it in a corner where it will not budge under pressure.

    Joyce says: Will keep that in mind. Right now Ethan only carries it around, and after all, the toy is in Taiping. Will remember to leave it in a corner when we go Taiping next.


  3. Vernon Mommy’s avatar

    what a lovely smile……. first photo taken at ah Mah & ah Kong house.

    Joyce says: Thank you…Can enter Mother & Baby contest ah, you think? 😉


  4. Pei Sze’s avatar

    You are right. Once you stopped bf or cut down, you have to be more careful when family members are sick.

    Joyce says: Breastfeeding works wonders… and I really don’t know how to stop 😛


  5. Lovely Mummy’s avatar

    your boy look like an english boy….my son also 15 months same as ur boy but he still cant walk yet….

    Joyce says: Kids grow up differently, don’t worry, your boy will walk soon and you will be chasing him all over the house!


  6. Yvette’s avatar

    I like the photo with the lovely smile too…. he looks so happy and at home!

    Joyce says: I really must submit this one for a contest! 😛



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