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Communication is an Art Form

About 15 months ago, I was suddenly hauled into a world where communication took on different forms other than mere speech.  Crying, gurgling and whimpering were the order of the day… but by and by, Ethan began to learn other forms of communication as well.  Although he is still unable to form words, he is really showing signs of doing so soon, as he is now blabbering non-stop and appears as though he is conversing with us all the time.   Now we pretend to have conversations with him and it’s so amusing to see him respond so enthusiastically.

Just yesterday evening, we had a nice dinner at Soba Yoshi and as usual, before we left the restaurant, we allowed him to roam around for a bit.  At the restaurant, Ethan was yakking away and making all the waitresses adore him more and more.  We decided to take the coastal route back home and as Pete was making a left onto the coastal highway, Ethan suddenly began squealing loudly in delight, albeit in *phrases* we could not comprehend.  As I was sitting in the co-driver seat in front, I turned round to see what the commotion was all about.  Guess what?  Our boy was looking excitedly to his right, where he had a clear view of Queensbay Mall!  He thought we were heading there and was getting all excited about it!  We had to calmly tell him that we weren’t going there just yet.  Hehe…talk about missing the mall!

  1. Yvette’s avatar

    He can recognise places now – very clever.

    Joyce says: Yes, he can recognize the route back home too.


  2. huisia’s avatar

    He can relate things very well 🙂
    pandai..know where is the best place to “kai kai”

    Joyce says: He takes after Mommy – I love going to the mall too!



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