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Morning at the Botanical Gardens

 After many moons of procrastination and laziness, we finally dragged our weary selves out of bed this morning and headed over to the Botanical Gardens for a morning family exercise session.  It was already a little past 9 in the morning when we arrived, and although it was considerably hot, walking amongst the greenery kind of made it a little bit cooler.  We brought Ethan’s stroller along, so we could push him some parts of the way and only took him out where it was safe to toddle around, i.e. not many joggers and runners blocking the path. 

At first, Ethan was slightly confused with the new experience, as the last time he was there was so long ago.  But I’m not surprised that it only took him a while to warm up and soon he was making himself at home with nature.  He was intrigued by the trees, the leaves, the flowers, the road…just about everything in sight, blabbering and screaming loudly in delight!

We had such a good time that we are already planning and looking forward to this coming Saturday morning when (hopefully) we would be able to go again.

  1. WS’s avatar

    Ha..he is a careful boy. Walked little steps before he get down from the pavement. Clever!

    Joyce says: But when he walks on the bed, he will just walk around without thinking. hahaha.


  2. Yvette’s avatar

    We really enjoy the morning stroller in action. Ethan really enjoys himself with shrills of delight. Clever boy – slows down when reaches pavement.

    Joyce says: We hope to make it a weekly affair from now on! 😀


  3. huisia’s avatar

    ya ya ya…he looks very happy..
    good la, bring him more to garden

    Joyce says: The morning air does wonders to everyone huh?



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