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The Saga Continues


Yesterday, for the first time ever, I forked out my hard-earned money for a tin of formula.  Just for a small tin of Isomil, it cost me RM24.90.  And according to the instructions on the tin, once the tin is opened, the contents will expire 3 weeks from then.  SIGH.  The only thing I could think of when I bought it was how much money I had saved by breastfeeding Ethan for so long. 🙂

Last Friday when we picked Ethan up from Mrs Tan’s place, as expected, she told us that he totally rejected the Nestle NAN H.A. formula, not even wanting to take it as a mixture with his oats.  I had already expected this reaction and had braced myself for it because I know that the NAN formula tasted horribly bitter and since Ethan had already tasted other delicious food like siew mai, chicken rice and of course Mommy’s milk, why on earth would he want to take NAN?  Mrs Tan had also already packed up the tin of NAN ready for me to take home.  Haha…

So it was time now to try the third brand of formula: lactose-free Isomil.  My Mom told me that when I was a baby, I too was allergic to regular formula and was on Isomil, so it only made sense that perhaps Ethan is just like Mommy.  On Saturday morning, I mixed some Isomil with oats for Ethan but unfortunately he didn’t want to take it.  Strange…. I tasted a little bit of the Isomil and it tasted fine to me.  Not as sweet as Enfapro but definitely miles better than NAN H.A.!  So I dipped a few pieces of wholemeal nine-grain bun into the milk and gave it to him.  He took just a little bit, but at least that was improvement.  The next morning, I made a thick creamy cereal for Ethan with Isomil and his Farley’s rusks (which contain DHA too).  I showed him how to hold the spoon and exaggerated feeding himself with it.  Heh Heh…Guess what, our boy fell for it and had a considerable amount of the cereal with Isomil in the end!  Since the Isomil samples I had at home were all in sachet form, we thought it would be easier to buy a small tin and leave it at Mrs Tan’s place.  And that’s how we ended up buying that tin of Isomil.  I can’t wait to find out what transpired at Mrs Tan’s place today.

  1. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Darrius managed to finished half of his Isomil given by our doc.
    Hope Ethan will finally find his replacement!

    Joyce says: What about the other half? Had to throw because it was 3 weeks already?


  2. Angie’s avatar

    I’m so worried.. but still not keen to start.. sigh..

    Joyce says: Your time will come – no need to worry now 🙂


  3. WS’s avatar

    to me, Isomil taste like normal vanilla drinks. looks like Ethan cope well with it.

    Joyce says: Yes, I’m hoping he will learn to accept it soon.


  4. michelle’s avatar

    You could have told me, I could have let you have some from Emily’s can. She is also taking Isomil Plus. By the way, you can get samples from the clinics.

    Joyce says: I didn’t know that Emily is taking Isomil too. So far my samples are obtained from the PD.



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