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Weekend of Perfection

We took Ethan for his 3rd haircut on Saturday morning, after breakfast.  We went to the Brothers Hair Salon in Sg Dua where Pete also had his hair cut.  And while waiting for Daddy to finish, Ethan had a field time at the barber’s.  I had to entertain him for the 20 minutes or so, taking him around the shop to see all the different things, and finally I allowed him to sit down in one of the chairs.  Look at how happy he is, looking forward to getting his hair cut…

After the boys had their haircuts, we went to Gurney Plaza.  Took it easy window shopping and checking out the sites and sounds in the mall.  Ethan adores going to malls, and I think he can sense that we are approaching one.  He had his first kiddy ride, although he stood up most of the time.  The ride is for toddlers aged 2 and above, so we had to be very vigilant when he was on it.

Whenever we go shopping, we would make it a point to stop by Toys R Us, because Ethan just loves it there!  It’s like his second home!  When we were in the Gurney Plaza branch last Saturday, our little explorer had fun roaming and giggling in one of those Little Tykes toyhouses on display.  It was as if he now owned his own little house, complete with phone, gas stove, door and windows.  It was so difficult to pry him away from it when we were ready to go.  Hmmm….I wonder how much one of these costs…

By the way, just in case you were wondering what happened at the last part of that video, Ethan opened the door of the little house and hit me, that’s why the recording had to stop. 😛

And on Sunday, when we were in the Toys R Us branch in Queensbay Mall, Ethan insisted on taking this car for a spin.

Then he would walk round and round the store, smiling and touching everything that catches his fancy.  It’s really a good exercise workout for him as well as for Pete and me because we have to chase after him the whole day long.

And of course, after all that exercise, Mommy needs her retail therapy.  What with Baby Gap open and all…  🙂  And thus ends another weekend, perfect in every way…

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Ethan looks so super serious driving his little car! So cute lah, that photo. *grin* Retail therapy is the best kind of way to end the weekend…

    Joyce says: It was not captured on film, but immediately after I snapped that photo, he yanked the steering wheel off the car! HAhahahahaha……


  2. Pei Sze’s avatar

    Ya, I window shopped “Baby Gap” last weekend too. Hubby and I were looking at the rompers and both of us “I am going to get that and that if I have a baby girl next time.” (Think only lah.)

    I felt that their stuff are prettier that OshKosh. What do you think?

    Joyce says: Definitely nicer than OshKosh. The sales reps in The Gap are also much better trained.


  3. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    Ethan is such a brave boy! My little girl would never ride on any of those rides except when they are still! So, my trick of getting her off the ride whenever we are ready to go home is to invest in 1 token (1 ride bascially). She jumps off immediately when the ride starts (ha! ha!)

    Joyce says: Next time she should try riding it together with Ethan 😛


  4. Vien’s avatar

    Oh, I can see Ethan looks like you. 🙂 He has a lot of your features.

    Joyce says: Actually there are mixed opinions. There are people who say he looks like my hubby too!



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