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A Nudge in the Footie Direction

Last Saturday when we were at the Toys ‘R’ Us outlet in Queensbay Mall, we got this new toy for Ethan.  Doesn’t he look like he is totally enjoying himself?

An innocent encouragement in that direction in the hope that he will eventually be blessed with the midfielder skills of Zidane and the striker instincts of Thierry Henry (given that his head does look a little like Henry’s), couldn’t hurt, right? *grin*

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Start ’em young, that’s the trick!

    Ethan’s already got the Zidane headbutt move down pat… and I’m sure he can dribble, right? *wink*

    Joyce says: Yeah…*rubs forehead* … he sure can dribble all right…but all he does now is throw the ball ala throw-in 😛


  2. huisia’s avatar

    Train him since young ar?? LOL..

    Joyce says: Yep, it’s never too young to start…



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