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Learning German?

We have strong reason to believe that somehow, somewhere our boy is beginning to speak German.  That is really strange because none of us can speak German.  Well Pete and I did take a couple of French classes in the university, but German is totally our of our league.  Anyway, Ethan has been saying “Ja ja ja..” very often nowadays.  “Ja” in German means “yes”. 

Me: Do you know where we are going now?
Ethan: Ja!
Me: Yes, we are heading for Queensbay Mall for dinner!
Ethan: Ja! Ja!

Hmmm……I must start teaching him how to say “Ich liebe Dich, Mommy!” soon 🙂

  1. Vien’s avatar

    LOL! Now, that’s a mouthful of German.

    Joyce says: 🙂


  2. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Darrius always says ‘petir, petir, petir’ which means lightning in Malay… but we never teach him Malay wor… how to explain this leh? 😆

    Joyce says: Sometimes it may sound like Malay, but he might be saying something else.


  3. Yvette’s avatar

    I’ll teach him a few German phrases next time ! Ha! Ha!

    Joyce says: Good! Hehehe…


  4. rinnah’s avatar

    What does “Ich liebe Dich” mean? I love you? Guessing… guessing… Heh.
    I only know “Danke schon”!

    Joyce says: Bingo! Hey, you can teach Ethan how to say Thank you in German then! 🙂


  5. huisia’s avatar

    Ethan so smart..really multilingual

    Joyce says: Yes, we are trying to get him to speak Tamil too 😛



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