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Tantrums tantrums tantrums!

Last week, I read about Bryan‘s possible transition into the terrible twos, but little did I know that perhaps it was also Ethan’s turn now.  We were out shopping last weekend and really, Ethan is beginning to show signs of a decision-maker.  A hot-tempered decision maker, make that.

Scenario 1
As usual he was fascinated by escalators and would insist (loudly) that we take him up and down the escalators.  If we release him to wander around on his own, he would very quickly find out where the nearest escalator is and RUN towards it.  He will have no qualms about stepping onto the escalator on his own too, so we need to run after him and accompany him on them.  As soon as he gets off the escalator, he will want to go again, either UP or DOWN.  The moment we walk away from the escalator, he will scream to no end.  He doesn’t seem to show any possible signs of getting bored with the escalators.

Scenario 2
We were in Toys R Us and Pete put Ethan in one of those little toy cars on display.  Ethan was having the time of his life!  Pretending to drive the car (it was a *Flinstones* kinda car….so he could move it by using his legs), opening and closing the door….it was hilarious!

Soon it was time to go, and I tell you, it was really torturous trying to pry Ethan away from the car.  Pete carried him out of the car, and tried to distract him with some other toy.  But Ethan would inadvertently run back to the car, open the door and get in again.  We tried taking him out again and again, each time accompanied by shrieks and screams and protests.  He only calmed down when we diverted his attention to the escalators…..

Scenario 3
Borders Children’s Section: Ethan’s favorite part of the bookstore.  He especially likes the corner where they have the story-telling section.  I suspect it is because there are steps there and he loves to climb up and down them.  3:00p.m. and it was story-telling time.  Of course the folks in Borders needed to use the story-telling corner and we told Ethan we have to make way for them.  Ethan screamed again at the top of his lungs, protesting when we were trying to take him away.  On the bright side, we can be proud that our boy is showing a keen interest in books…. 😛

So, are we bound for more tantrums?  Only time will tell…

  1. khongfamily’s avatar

    Hmm…escalators…why young children love the escalator a lot? Brae will walk himself to it as well….dunno why.

    Joyce says: I think Ethan takes after me, because I was fascinated with escalators myself too, when I was a little girl.


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    I was a scaredy cat when it came to escalators! Would always hold on tight to mum and dad’s hand until I was about seven then only I overcame my fear. But not before a scary incident when my shoelace got caught and was being pulled in!

    Joyce says: Gosh that’s scary! Reminds me of a horror movie I saw… :O


  3. huisia’s avatar

    good that Ethan doesn’t show escalator phobia, as i know some kids scare of taking escalator.

    Joyce says: Far from it, he loves being on the escalator!


  4. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    Ha! Charlotte loves to go up and down the escalator too! I guess this is just a common curiosity in toddlers…but no doubt we need to be very creative in order to redirect them to something else when it’s time to say goodbye

    Joyce says: And that is part and parcel of parenting… I can’t imagine how excited Ethan and Charlotte would be if they both saw the escalators at the same time! Hehehe.



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