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Minum Milo anda jadi Sihat dan Kuat!

Up till now, Ethan still does not want to drink his Isomil from the bottle.  He will only take it if it is mixed with cereal, oats or rusks.  Last Friday, Mrs Tan tried feeding him Isomil from the bottle again.  She told me she only made up a 2oz feed.  Ethan took one suck and pushed the bottle away, then proceeded to nibble on the bottle nipple, totally refusing to take the milk anymore.  In fact, Mrs Tan had also tried feeding him the milk with a straw but to no avail.  He still doesn’t want it.

I then told Mrs Tan she could try two other alternatives:

1. Rub a little breast milk on the bottle nipple before feeding him the Isomil in the bottle.
2. Mix some Milo with Isomil before feeding him.

So this week, Mrs Tan tried alternative no. 1 first.  Nope…didn’t work.  So she went with the second alternative.  Last weekend, I had already tried giving Ethan some Milo from the tetrapak and after the initial spillage, he took a few sucks of the Milo…so I knew he was all right with the taste.  When Mrs Tan mixed 2oz of Isomil with one teaspoon of Milo, she told us she covered the bottle with a cloth, to prevent Ethan from noticing it was brownish in color, lest he suspect something was amiss.  He kept wanting to unwrap the cloth around the bottle though…but eventually, he finished the 2oz!  And yesterday he took another 2oz the same way too!  Have we found a winner?  I would think so!  I’m going to buy Milo to try out at home this weekend.  Who would have thought Isomil *disguised* with Milo would do the trick? 😀

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Ingenious! The adults still outsmarted the kids… Hahaha! Just be careful with the Milo dosage though… some kids find it too “heaty” for their system.

    Joyce says: Yeah, the baby sitter only adds a wee bit to it. And she won’t even try Horlicks for fear of heatiness.


  2. Vien’s avatar

    We have been adding Milo or Ovaltine in Belle’s milks for couple mths. It worked at the beginning..nowadays she will just drink whenever she feels like it. Very susah to make her drink her milk now.

    Joyce says: It’s an age-old tactic, I see.


  3. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    It sounds like a good idea to mix with milo, but be careful just like what rinnah said. I suggest to mix breast milk with formula for a start. Use bigger ratio of breast milk to formula for a start and slowly change the ratio as Ethan gets use to it. I did that when i first switch Charlotte to formula.

    Joyce says: I contemplated that, but the La Leche International site does not condone it because formula cannot be kept for more than 1 hour whereas breast milk can. And what if the baby doesn’t want to drink the mixture? My breast milk would all be wasted! Boohoohoo! ….That said, I will consider this an absolute final alternative, if necessary.


  4. Angeleyes’s avatar

    wah wah wah! Way to go!
    I have not let Darrius drink any chocolate drinks so far…
    His liking for non-breast milk came after I forced wean him… hehehee
    Now he can take more than 250ml at one go!

    Joyce says: I dunno how to force wean wor….


  5. Pei Sze’s avatar

    Wow, looks like I am really lucky as Hin Lerk will take anybrand of milk provided to him.

    Another note is I am glad that you have found a good nanny for Ethan, looking at the way she treat Ethan, even cover the bottle for him. This is an act of love.

    Joyce says: Yes, we feel the same way. Mrs Tan really looks out for Ethan and we can tell that she cares for him a lot.



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