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Mommy’s latest hobby

Okay, I succumbed to online peer pressure and created this simple scrap for Ethan. It’s like online collage but the difference is you don’t get your hands dirty in the process! Thanks to Huisia who pointed me to a few sites, I finally found some time to do a quick amateurish one before (maybe) venturing into something more ambitious later on.

The photos were all taken a few weeks ago in the car. We were parked at the side of the road beside Penang Plaza. And while Pete went to buy a few necessities quickly from Giant, I got bored, turned around and snapped some pictures. So what do you think? Boleh pass or not for first-time scrapping?

  1. huisia’s avatar

    Sure fast la..
    Very nice scrap!

    Joyce says: Thank you! And thanks for the links!


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Nice! So I guess we’ll be seeing more of these scrapbooking efforts on both blogs, eh?

    Joyce says: Yep, you bet!


  3. khongfamily’s avatar

    Nice scrap…scrap more ya!!!

    Joyce says: Thanks! Will do my best 🙂


  4. Susan’s avatar

    For your precious, moon from the sky also will pluck out eh?

    : ) A great one, doesn’t show as a 1st timer

    Joyce says: Thanks…and that expression is very well put indeed!


  5. Etcetera~Mummy’s avatar

    Sure pass!! Very nice in fact. Soon you’ll be addicted to scrapping. 😛

    Joyce says: Ahhh…temptations again.


  6. michelle’s avatar

    Hey I notice the first pic, Ethan has your blur look.

    Joyce says: *MY* blur look? hmmm…. that’s where he got it from eh? I didn’t even know you noticed my *blur* look.



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