Bible Verse of the Day

Imitation with a Twist

Ethan is learning to imitate what we do. But he does it his way….yes like Frankie did it his way…

I mentioned before that Pete likes to play with Ethan by crouching on all fours and staying really still. And then when Ethan runs over and *finds* his Daddy, he would giggle with glee! Just about a week ago, I noticed that Ethan likes to creep and squeeze himself behind his high chair (His high chair is right next to the wall, so when he does that, he will be holding on to the back of the chair, with his back facing the wall). We notice that when he has assumed this position, he would stay absolutely still. Very very still. Then just yesterday, Pete peeped at him from behind the wall and Ethan squealed in delight! I tried peeking at him from the top, same thing happened. Left, right, under… all with the same effect. Then it dawned on us that Ethan must have thought he was hiding from us. Much like what Daddy has been *playing* with him all this while.

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Hide ‘n seek! An all-time favorite with all kids… but my nephew would always give himself away by peeking out from wherever he was hiding so it was always easy to catch him! LOL.

    Joyce says: Ethan would giggle BEFORE he actually hides there… he’s still unclear on the concept! hehehe


  2. Vien’s avatar

    LOL! They are very good at imitating at this stage. Try to hide behind the curtains..he will imitate you instantly. Belle still loves to hide behind the curtains and when we ask “where is belle?”..she would peek from the curtain and give us a mischievious grin.

    Joyce says: Ethan already loves to play hide n seek in the curtains even without our cue!



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