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Mommy’s Little Helper

Ethan is becoming quite a little helper now. Especially when I dress him up or when I am changing him. You see, I have a routine established right from the onstart and he understands it perfectly well now.

After his bath/shower, I will take him to his changing table and dry him up with his towel. Sometimes he will get a toy to play with, sometimes a tube of cream. Don’t ask… 😛

I would then apply Drapolene, followed by powder, and then put his diaper on. Then I would give him a body massage with baby lotion, apply Baby Vicks on his chest and back and then dress him up. The last step would be to apply baby cream on his face.

Just recently though, Ethan has taken the extra effort to *help* me cap the Drapolene, Vicks and baby cream back. After I uncap the bottle/tubes, he would grab hold of the cover and very carefully place the cover back on top of the tube or bottle. He is very happy when he has accomplished his *mission* because I proudly proclaim “Good boy!” Sometimes he wants to cap it back on immediately after I have uncapped it, so much so that I have had to explain to him that Mommy is still not done yet! And sometimes he even *reminds* me of the baby cream that I’ve forgotten to apply!

Amazing what kids can do, eh?

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Ahhh… this reminds me so much of my nephew. He used to nag me if I left things out of place with a plaintive, “Cheh cheh, put back!” all the while chasing after me with whatever it was I’d taken out. LOL!

    Joyce says: Methinks your nephew and Ethan Boy would get along perfectly! How old is your nephew anyway?


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Hehehe… my nephew is 7 this year… but he loves younger children as he has a younger sister (4 years old) and a baby brother (just under 2 years old). He takes care of his siblings like an adult too!

    Joyce says: Wow…we can already start a playgroup! Ethan would be thrilled to bits!


  3. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Darrius always ends up at the foot of the bed and will naturally roll off too! That was why I laid a thick rubber mat at the bottom so he don’t get a hard knock! Kids just love to turn like a tornado when the sleep!

    Joyce says: Oh yeah, I wonder why huh?



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