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A-Splishing and A-Splashing

Finally, after an uncountable number of weekends of planned swimming sessions gone awry, last Saturday saw my plan to bring Ethan swimming in our apartment pool blossom into fruition. My parents came over to stay with us for the weekend so I had extra hands to help me with the over-eager Ethan.

The slight drizzle had just stopped and it was not scorching hot, the water was just cool and not freezing, so it was just the right temperature, perfect for swimming. I had huffed and puffed my way to produce a floatable float, worthy of use. This one, unlike the arm floats we used some time back, would ensure our boy was kept heads up in the water and at the same time, enable him to freely kick his way around the pool. It was the first time he was using this round float but it took him no time at all to grow accustomed to it. Thank goodness he could still fit into his *mega-cool* scuba-diving-like suit! 😀

You be the judge as to whether he had a good time or not…

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Hey, your apartment’s swimming pool is so nice! Almost like a hotel one, I think.

    Hehe… Ethan’s got water wings now…

    Joyce says: Come and swim in it with Ethan Boy when you visit Penang next time la!


  2. Everydahealy’s avatar

    Ho…Ho… luckily I came here to support … I bought a life jacket for Elizabeth, but, she hates it. I do think I made a wrong choice. And, I like Ethan’s float. Where did you get it? I think that’s very comfortable. 🙂

    Joyce says: The life jacket actually makes the child’s body float horizontally in the pool, which is uncomfortable. I got Ethan his float from Toys ‘R’ Us. You should check that out. 🙂


  3. chinnee’s avatar

    eh, dear, i din even know u have this blog on Ethan….wah…u still manage to keep yourself so slim hah!

    Joyce says: Well, now you know about this site 🙂 Thanks for visiting!


  4. simple american’s avatar

    Looks like everyone is having fun. Gong gong and pao pao are so happy to be with Ethan, ya. And Ethan has a mermaid help him in the pool too.

    Joyce says: Yep, we’re all looking forward to the next swim outing! 😀


  5. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    Your apt swimming is very nice and clean. It is also convenient, not like us. We hv to pack one big bag each time we take Charlotte to EQ.

    Joyce says: I’m planning a swimming playgroup soon – sounds good? 😀


  6. WS’s avatar

    Can tell from the 3rd picture, he really want to go down to the pool liao… 🙂

    Joyce says: Yeah, it was THAT obvious… and he was THAT impatient!


  7. anggie’s avatar

    ur boy cant wait to go down to the pool yer while gong gong & poh pah r holding him . kids just love water, heh i had bought a similar swim suit and the yellow float for jeremy too.. but till now haven hv chance to go swimming pool yet … cos jeremy kong kong said water is dirty at the swimming pool.. hmmm hv to go find a clean pool. I cant wait to bring my boy to swimming too.. *-*

    Joyce says: The determination on his face – yeah, I know! 😀



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