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All Boxed Up

We recently bought two boxes to put Ethan’s toys in. Although these are made of cloth, they were hard enough to stand upright and sturdy enough to hold all his toys in. This made for a neater living room and was the ideal solution for his ever-growing number of toys.

Or so we thought.

Just last week, Ethan discovered that it was fun to hop right into the box and sit with his toys. And if that ain’t enough, he would then transfer the toys in the box he was sitting in into the other box or onto the floor. The result of his experiment is that the boxes are slowly losing shape.

Sometimes Ethan would request for help into getting into these boxes. He would reach out his hand to me asking me to provide support, while he climbs into and out of the box. So how now? Should we get another box for his toys? SIGH.

  1. Pei Sze’s avatar

    Where is my Sentosa Island???

    Joyce says: I knew this would be coming. 😛 Be patient – one order for Sentosa comin’ right up!


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    My guess is it’s just a phase for now… but Ethan sure does look cute sitting inside there! 😀

    Joyce says: And he did it again just now!


  3. chinnee’s avatar

    Guess Ethan loves dry pool like Qiqi?

    Joyce says: Dry and wet, he really doesn’t mind as long as he has fun!


  4. twin’s avatar

    haha wat is it with toddlers and boxes. when my kids were younger they love taking out their toys from the boxes and going inside themselves …. really cute. wat’s the fun being boxed up!

    Joyce says: That’s one of the most inexpensive toys you can get your kid, wouldn’t you agree?



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