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A Baby Einstein in the Making?

Just about a month ago, I reintroduced Baby Einstein to Ethan. I had played the DVDs for him before when he was a few months old, but all he was interested in then was the caterpillar that appeared on the screen before the show began. So last month when Charlotte‘s mummy came back from the States, I saw the opportunity it presented and asked her to get me one of the Baby Einstein DVDs. I got Baby Van Gogh, which was all about colors.

When I put the DVD on for Ethan, once again he was attracted to the caterpillar, and giggled as if in recognition. And when the show began, I could tell he was completely mesmerized by the vivid colors and beautiful music. He would sit down (or sometimes stand) transfixed, watching the program. The show lasted a good 30 minutes and I was amazed that he managed to sit through most of it.

Last Friday, I brought the Baby Van Gogh DVD to share with the rest of my Mommy friends in exchange for another one, and ended up with Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery and a Baby Neptune VCD. It turns out Ethan simply LURVES both of these! He especially likes the part where there are kids being shown, and even laughs out loud when the kids are pictured in close-up! Nowadays, in the mornings before we leave for work and when we get home after work, Ethan would point and gesture to the Baby Einstein DVDs and ask us to play it for him. We used to put the DVDs on the TV cabinet, within his reach, but since he began *helping* himself to it, we moved the DVDs up to our wall shelf. Still, amazingly, he knows where it is, and motions for us to get it for him.

Yesterday, even though he was feeling slightly under the weather, even though he was coughing and had a slight fever, he still requested to watch Baby Einstein. Over and over and over again. And you know what? I think the music in that DVD will play in my head for a long, long time.

I’m getting more Baby Einstein DVDs soon 🙂

  1. irene’s avatar

    Yes, it’s a wonder why the toddlers just love those Baby Einstein DVDs. Good for Ethan, at least these could help him forget that he’s sick for awhile.

    Joyce says: I read that Baby Einstein DVDs are designed in such a way that it is just the way babies and toddlers look at life. We adults may sometimes find it boring, but toddlers think it is interesting.


  2. khongfamily’s avatar

    Hahaha….Brae also likes the caterpillar. We have a lot of Baby Einstein VCDs and DVD. Now he doesn’t want to watch them at all and prefer Fun Song Factory instead. Dunno why.

    Joyce says: I guess it is a phase kids go through…


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    I haven’t heard of Baby Einstein before… my nephew grew up on a steady diet of Barney… to this day he still remembers the songs!

    Joyce says: Ethan loves Baby Einstein more than Barney… now, at least!


  4. Susan’s avatar

    I have difficulty getting the copies from here, and those from across the bridge (the down-south one) costing a bomb.

    You have any idea if any Penang outlets is carrying the series?

    I have a few ‘special’ copies but giving problem to my living room DVD. Can only play them in our bedroom one

    Joyce says: I haven’t seen any in the stores in Penang, I’ve only seen them in KL.


  5. Vien’s avatar

    Belle never liked Baby Einstein DVDs. She might watch it for 5-10 mins and then walk away from the TV. Now I’m getting her those Wiggles (still not liking it) and Barney (so-so with it). Very susah to entertain this active girl.

    Joyce says: Every baby is different, I guess… and that’s what makes the world go round.


  6. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    Charlotte loves Baby Einstein but only the DVDs, I attempted to get her the Baby Einstein board book, but she didn’t show much interest in that.

    Joyce says: The DVD Board book is good enough I think…



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