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Our Little Social Magnet

Scrap Elements from Anita Designs

Ethan Boy had some visitors over the weekend. Ah Ma and Ah Kong from Ipoh came to visit on Friday and Ah Ma and Ah Kong from Taiping, with Koh-koh from KL was here in Penang on Sunday. We were amazed by how sociable our boy has become. Before, he would seem a little intimidated by visitors and would take quite some time to *warm up* to them, preferring instead to cling on to Pete and me. But now it looks as if he can socialize rather easily. It didn’t take him long to *make friends* with my Mom and Dad when they were here. And he also allowed his Koh-Koh Pauline to carry him a few minutes after she arrived!

On Sunday night, he was busy showing off all his toys to our visitors. He also led Aunty Christine by the hand and requested her to play his Baby Einstein DVD for him!

And when Pete brought out a platter of freshly cut pear slices, Ethan wasted no time in demonstrating how sharing is done. He eagerly grabbed one slice of pear and gave it to each and every one of our visitors, all met with a “Thank you!” After he had ensured that every one had had a slice (at least), Ethan then took one for himself and chomped on it! Isn’t that adorable? 🙂

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    So cute! And I just *know* that mommy and daddy taught Ethan boy those lovely manners, right? *grin*

    Joyce says: Oh, but of course! 😀


  2. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Aawww…. Ethan is such a clever boy! My Darrius will never share his food!!! 🙁

    Joyce says: Ethan will share his food with Darrius, can? 🙂


  3. anggie’s avatar

    nice scrap … nice smile .. just love it.. so sweet that he know how to share.. good boy Ethan 🙂

    Joyce says: Sharing is caring…hehe..even when it comes to germs! 😛


  4. WS’s avatar

    Bravo…this is something all the parents hope to see on their child- SHARING

    Joyce says: And we are beaming proud parents! 😀


  5. Pei Sze’s avatar

    Wow, he makes sure that everyone had a slice! That is unbelievable.

    Joyce says: Yep.. believe it! hehehe…


  6. shooi’s avatar

    When it comes to food. Bryan will make sure he has the whole plate to himself. He will only share it with his very favourite people, like maybe me & my mom.

    How nice of him to share 🙂

    Joyce says: 🙂


  7. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    I’m so impressed that he have to everyone else first! Good job!

    Joyce says: Ethan boy says “Thank you, Aunty Hooi Ling!”



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