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Ethan’s First Movie

Remember the studio photos Ethan took some time back? Yeah, the one that came with the beautifully framed photo…. Well, Mommy the procrastinator has been dilly dallying about making a short movie/presentation using all those adorable photos. Unfortunately nothing materialized thus far… up until last week! I requested Ethan’s Ah Koo (my brother Allan) to make a short movie from those photos in his spare time, because I had seen some of his work and I was impressed with them.

And would you know it, a few days later, he produced the following masterpiece. Awesome or not?

  1. Allandog’s avatar

    heh heh…hope he will grow up to be a Transformers fan too! 😉

    Joyce says: Does a transforming Barney count? 😛


  2. Susan’s avatar

    Love that ‘giddy tigger’ suit : )

    Joyce says: Suits him well, yeah?


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    Oh! So handsome! So cute! So adorable! So Ethan!

    Hehehe… next Liverpool star, eh?

    Joyce says: You just wait and see! *wink*


  4. Vien’s avatar

    Haha..I think Ethan’s Ah Koo got carried away with the Transformer slides.

    Joyce says: Hehe…he said it’s the Transformers craze now, anyways! 😀


  5. shooi’s avatar

    can your bro do for me too? 😉

    Joyce says: Wah….I’ll ask if he is interested to open his services for business *wink*


  6. anggie’s avatar

    this is the 1st time i saw ethan studio photo … awesome !!

    Joyce says: He got the photogenic side from Mommy… hehehe 🙂


  7. Angie’s avatar

    Wah…. so handsome lo.. And future Liverpool star lagi!

    Joyce says: Future heartbreaker leh… 🙂


  8. Vernon Mommy’s avatar

    so cute looking…..little ethan boy with the tigger suite.

    Joyce says: 🙂


  9. irene’s avatar

    He really knows how to pose, yeah? Really nice!

    Joyce says: Thanks! Future model, you think?



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