Bible Verse of the Day

So Lucky!

Here’s the Toyota ad that makes Ethan laugh every time he sees it on TV. Even when he is playing with his toys or not looking at the TV screen, he will turn to look as soon as he hears the music from this ad, transfixed and paying full attention … and then he will laugh. He will giggle when the guy in the ad gets his head hit, or when the guy gets splashed with water and he will laugh at the last part when the lady smirks and says, “So lucky!”There’s something about Toyota ads that get Ethan’s attention. Could it be because we drive a Vios? Maybe…. He was also very intrigued by the Genie ad… and he also likes the Yaris, Avanza and the VVT-i ads. The only Toyota ad that he is not attracted to is the Camry one. Why? We’ll make it a point to ask him when he is older.

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    I actually like the catchphrase of this ad too! Now whenever I see a Vios, I’ll make the same face as the lady and say, “So lucky…” Last time it was Britney Spears saying, “What do you want”. That wasn’t as catchy as this one is but the best is the Loch Ness monster ad. That one had me ROTFL each time I saw it!

    Joyce says: What a coincidence! Ethan loves that Loch Ness monster ad too!



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