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A Tent and A Balloon

During our last trip to Ikea in August, we ended up buying a tent…no, actually it is a tent with an igloo motif… for Ethan. There was a model set up in the children’s department in Ikea and Ethan was intrigued by it almost immediately! Although he fell down and hit his forehead whilst playing, we still bought the tent. So Pete was of course given the official task of setting up the tent, and when it was up we expected Ethan to be excited by it. Unfortunately our boy didn’t take a fancy to it at all. He would not even enter the tent. We figured it could be because of the fall earlier on in Ikea. Or maybe because the tent did not have a door; it just had an opening. So we did what any parent would do: we put his toys in the tent to lure him into it. You know what he did? He crawled in and dragged the toys out! He totally didn’t want to BE in the tent! Another method we employed in the hope of luring him into the tent was to take turns between Pete and I to enter the tent, then of course, Ethan would follow suit.

Lately however, we are pleased to note that Ethan has taken a liking to the tent. When we come home every day, the first thing he would do is to crawl eagerly into the tent. By the way, every time we go to Friday’s Ethan would request for a balloon. Now that balloon of his resides in the tent. So when he crawls into the tent, he would just hold the balloon and sit there with it. There’s a net opening at the top of the tent too, so we get to play peekaboo with him when he is in it… and you KNOW how kids love peekaboo, right?

Ethan has also found innovative methods to *play* with the tent:

  • Stand inside and push/lift the walls of the tent, resulting in the entire tent looking as though it will topple over
  • Push against the walls of the tent from outside, sometimes lifting the whole tent up.
  • Walk around the tent
  • Hold my hand and guide *me* to walk around the tent

Speaking of balloons, we need to get a new balloon from Friday’s every time the old one gets deflated. There’s something about balloons that interests kids, and Ethan is no different. On several occasions, he has attempted to use his *charm* to get some other kids’ balloon too.

A tent and a balloon – those are the latest items in Ethan’s toy collection. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next…

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    same fascination with balloons with my boy. you should check out the XXXXL ones from Toys R Us!

    Joyce says: You know what? I’m scared to… 😛


  2. Vien’s avatar

    Can he say balloon yet? 🙂 Belle still refers to the balloon as ball.

    Joyce says: Not yet, he’s still at ba-ba-ba 🙂


  3. sue’s avatar

    Ha..Ian loves balloons too..We had a tent, he loved it but he kept pushing on the sides of the tent when he is inside so it kept toppling over..haha..very “chor lor”

    Joyce says: Oh, Ethan attempts the same thing! Ian and Ethan would have a ball of a time together, I would think!


  4. rinnah’s avatar

    I wish I had a tent when I was young!

    Joyce says: I had a small house and it was fun! Maybe you could come and play with Ethan when you come to Penang?


  5. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    Ha!! I got a tent for Charlotte too a couple of months back. She loves to play inside and we use it to the fullest…
    1. play
    2. feed (sometimes it helps to trick her for another few more spoonful :P)
    3. toilet (every time Charlotte wants to poo, she will either stand very still or find a place to hide. After we bought this tent, she found her new hiding inside the tent whenever she wants to do her “business”. Of course, we bring her out and let her sit on the potty once we spotted that)
    4. fun, fun, fun…

    Joyce says: I agree absolutely! It’s like a tiny little home of their own eh?


  6. anggie’s avatar

    i think i will get a tent for my boy in future too … so can put toys inside and ask him to play himself inside there … less kacau me … hahaha

    Joyce says: Hehe…but Ethan only sits inside for a while. He will come out after a few minutes.



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