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Raya Holidays: Fountain of Fun

Scrap Credits: Sweet Serenity kit from
Shabby Princess 

After Ipoh, we made a trip to KL.  Apart from shopping and sightseeing, part of our agenda was also to visit Ethan’s almost-one-month-old cousin Jonathan.  We arrived at Paul’s apartment on Sunday evening, and since we had to wait for a while before we left for dinner, Pete and I decided to take Ethan for a short walk around the apartment grounds.  It was the first time for us too, in fact.  And this was an excellent opportunity for Ethan to get his dose of exercise.

Ethan laughed when he saw the little kids running around and swimming in the pool.  And then he caught sight of the fountain.  He paused for a moment, but only for a moment….then he started giggling away.  I carried him up a few steps to get a better view of the fountain and he reached out his hands to play with the water.  Never mind that it resulted in his face being splashed, he had a whale of a time!  Well, we all did.

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    *splish splash* It’s great that Ethan isn’t afraid of water, unlike me as a kid…

    Joyce says: You were afraid of water? Why?


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Cos when I was around 8 months old, some naughty boy splashed water into my face at a swimming pool. Never got over my phobia of water since. 🙂

    Joyce says: So have you now? Can you swim?


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    If I concentrate real hard then I can conquer my phobia, but if I forget then I panic! LOL! So swimming is not for me lor…

    Joyce says: Need me to teach you how to swim? I took up life-saving too, y’know…



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