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Sleeping like an Angel

Scrap Credits
Silent Night paper from Nicole Kaltenecker

Stacked & Wrapped frame from Ellie Lash
Blueberry Sparkles & Soft Romance elements from Magdalena Marthin
Memories gemstone addon from Lindsay Jane Designs
Sweet Serenity Alphas from Shabby Princess Designs

There’s something completely soothing about the way Ethan sleeps.  I can just sit and watch him for hours.  He looks almost angelic, if I might say so myself.
When he is asleep, sometimes he would break out in a giggle or two and then continue sleeping.  I wonder what he is dreaming of.

Last week, on Deepavali day, right before lunch, our boy fell asleep.  He must have been really tired because he slept from 12 noon till 2:30p.m.!  This is very unlike him, because he would be asleep for one hour tops, and that’s it.  Some afternoons, he goes through without a nap even.  But yesterday he was in a very deep sleep because at one point, he smiled, clapped his hands, turned over and then continued sleeping, oblivious to his surroundings. The weather was also very cooling, so it was absolutely conducive for sleeping.  Pete only went in to wake him up because we were both so hungry by then.  By the time we all had lunch, it was close to 3:30p.m.

If only Ethan could sleep through the night…

  1. chinnee’s avatar

    Joyce, he would, once he gets older 😛

    Joyce says: Can you guarantee when? 😛


  2. Susan’s avatar

    Couldn’t agree more. There is something angelic about baby sleeping…so peaceful : )

    Not so sure if it’s a habit or what, our Nanny said our boy still wake-up sometimes for a night feed when sleeping at her place, but when sleeping at ours, Samuel sleeps from 9-10 to till 6-7 the next morning.

    Joyce says: I doubt Ethan is hungry when he wakes up at night, right now it is just for comfort suckling.


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    *tiptoes around the blissfully asleep angelic Ethan*

    Joyce says: Shhhhhh… don’t wake him up! 😀


  4. Phantasma’s avatar

    Hi there. I just love love love your layouts!!! I hope you don’t mind me linking your blog 🙂 cause I do read it once in a while.

    Joyce says: Thanks for the compliments Phantasma! And welcome to my blog! And thanks for the link too! 🙂


  5. Paik Ling’s avatar

    hehe so adorable lah…. 🙂
    my boy also sleeps soundly during naptimes but wakes up at night. *sigh*

    Joyce says: I guess it is very common amongst babies to do so. Total opposite of us adults eh?


  6. ablogaway’s avatar

    Ya, they look so peaceful when sleeping… that’s why they say “sleep like a baby”.

    Joyce says: But they are SO different when they are awake, right?



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