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First time shocker

We had to do a major clean-up of Ethan’s car seat today.  You know why?  Well, Pete and I left work rather late today, so we decided to fetch Ethan and take him out to dinner with us.  We headed for Queensbay Mall and into Nando’s for dinner.  As usual, Ethan shared my rice with me and then after our meal, we walked around for a bit.  I wanted to check out if Borders carried a book I wanted to buy.  And that was the only place we went to after dinner.  Ethan was very happy and excited and because it was a weekday, he practically had the entire children’s section in Borders to himself.

After that we left Queensbay Mall for home.  As soon as Pete stopped the car in our apartment porch area, Ethan started throwing up!  Pete and I got such a shock because it was really the first time Ethan had ever vomitted so much!  In fact, he only vomitted once before, and that was when he was sick and wouldn’t eat anything, so the quantity of the vomit at that time was very little.  Well, tonight he vomitted so much that his clothes were all soaked.  Of course, he was still strapped into his car seat when it happened, so his entire car seat was dirty too.

I immediately carried him out of his car seat and up to our apartment. And it goes without saying that in the process of doing so, some of his vomit went to my clothes too.  Anyway, I quickly gave him a shower and dressed him up in his pjs.  Ethan looked okay, he was not feverish or anything but he appeared to be in shock, and would not say anything after the incident.  We put on his Baby Einstein DVD for him and I breastfed him for a bit.  And then it wasn’t long before he drifted off to dreamland.  Poor boy…. we told him not to overeat the next time.  No wonder my rice seemed to be less today.

  1. Vien’s avatar

    Oh no! Well, at least he isn’t sick. Hey, gives you a good excuse to clean his car seat now. 😛

    Joyce says: Oh yes, it was a good reason to have the car seat cleaned.


  2. WS’s avatar

    Oh no…maybe he ate some at nanny’s place aldy?
    We are now careful on Ern’s food intake too..she can continue to eat and eat…

    Joyce says: Well, it turned out to be a viral infection 🙁


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    Oh boy. Now I know why you said in your other blog that you can deal with baby pee, poo and vomit.

    Hope Ethan Boy is feeling sparky today after last night?

    Joyce says: It took him about 2 days to fully recover….


  4. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    Hope Ethan is feeling alright.

    Joyce says: Thanks. He is feeling better now.


  5. huisia’s avatar

    ya,maybe just due to overeat.
    you still breastfeed??

    Joyce says: Yep, I am still breastfeeding Ethan.



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