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Meet Tarzan Boy

Scrap Credits
Commotion on the Ocean Add-On from Danielle Engebretson Designs
Kit Special star from Sueli Colbert
Stone Castle alphas by Beth Long for Kim Broedelet

Ethan has no problem sitting all by himself in his car seat in the back seat of our car. He enjoys the window view and sometimes he likes to cock his head to the side trying to see what’s going on in front. You see, we secured the car seat at the back on the co-driver seat, so that if there is only one of us driving the car, Ethan would be able to see us. Besides, this way, there is still space for two adults to sit behind with Ethan if need be. Of course, the child lock on his side is on at all times! Sometimes Ethan will try to imitate my Dad when he holds the overhead grip, but Ethan still cannot reach the grip. Not yet anyway.

Lately however, Ethan has begun to imitate us in other ways. We call it the “Tarzan” stunt. He would disengage his left arm from being strapped down by the seat belt so that it is free. At times, he would be able to secure it back, but it is almost always the left arm that he *frees*. I reckon it could be because he can see that the driver’s seat belt is just a one-way diagonal strap, and he wants to have his done the same way. Funny hor? You gotta give it up to Ethan for being innovative in that manner. 😛

  1. WS’s avatar

    wait till you see how Ern did hers..she had both our hands out!!!
    Btw, nice LO 🙂

    Joyce says: Oh! Ethan did that once before too, but I promptly strapped him in again. It’s very dangerous really, because any impact would hurt the tummy.


  2. ablogaway’s avatar

    Hehe, so we have Tarzan and Jane now 🙂

    Joyce says: Hehe…


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    I love Ethan’s “I’m the Boss” pose in the picture! *grin*

    Joyce says: Ha… he does that all the time!


  4. huisia’s avatar

    he looked like “little tauke” in his car seat. 🙂

    Joyce says: Doesn’t he? Hehe…I think he knows it too!



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