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Bible Verse of the Day

Bawling at the Barber’s

After a delay of many months, we finally took Ethan for his haircut last Saturday morning. This time we asked the barber to use shaver #3 for a neat but not too short crewcut look. It certainly was the hardest of all his haircut experiences because Ethan is really strong now. He kicked and struggled and in the process of getting his hair cut, he hit his head on the barber’s chair a few times accidentally too! Nevertheless it was all over in about 5-10 minutes, and he was all happy again when we took him to eat dim sum.

Here he is, sporting his new haircut for Christmas. Handsome, or handsome?

  1. chinnee’s avatar

    wow….is Ethan all set for Christmas? I bet u got most of the things at home ready 🙂

    Joyce says: Well, not everything is ready yet…. we still have tons to do. But Ethan is definitely primed for Christmas with his new haircut!


  2. WS’s avatar

    Handsome, handsome AND handsome…:-)
    He is, actually…

    Joyce beams with pride 🙂


  3. jazzmint’s avatar

    similar to my boy when visit the barber 🙁

    Joyce says: How to prevent them from doing that leh?


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    handsome lah babe!

    Joyce says: Thank you!


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    Haha… maybe Ethan got the ‘barber’ and the ‘dentist’ confused? Lawl. Don’t mind me… I’m still very much on my dentist episode.

    Joyce says: Which reminds me, we haven’t taken him to the dentist yet… *shudders*


  6. Bart’s avatar

    Handsome! And how to prevent them from “bawling at the barber’s”? I saw a friend hold both arms of a baby and the baby could hardly move. Don’t know if this’ll work on an almost 2-year-old :o)

    Joyce says: Tried that method, but it doesn’t work…



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