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You, me … dinner … tonight?

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A few months ago when I called my girlfriend Audrey, she told me that every Saturday her almost-4-year-old daughter and her indulged in a mother-and-daughter bonding session.  They would go to a nearby mall in the morning, do some grocery shopping, and then have lunch together.  When I told Pete about this, I expressed how I longed for a similar experience with Ethan… well, that experience might not be too far off…

Yesterday evening, Pete had dinner plans with his colleagues.  So I had two options: one was to have dinner myself first and then pick Ethan up from the sitter’s, or two: to pick him up and hop on over to Queensbay Mall for dinner, per our usual Friday routine. 

I opted for the latter.

I was working from home yesterday, so I left our house around 6:15p.m. for Mrs Tan’s place.  Ethan was very excited to see me, even to the extent of refusing to allow Mrs Tan to carry him to the car, preferring to stick to me like a koala bear.  Surprisingly though, although he looked happy and recognized the route to the mall, no excited panting accompanied his joy.  Nevertheless we arrived and I was happy that there were plenty of parking lots available.

After reading about Susan and little Samuel’s pleasant dining experience at Wong Kok Kitchen last week, and since we have never tried the food there, I thought we might as well give it a shot.  The restaurant was not packed and we were promptly seated, with Ethan of course occupying a very familiar Ikea white and silver high chair.  I ordered the wanton mee and the char-siew pastry puff: stuff I figured Ethan would like to eat too. 

He seemed very happy in the restaurant, even kicking his legs in rhythm to the music being played.  With his cheeky smile and strategically positioned high chair (he was facing the counter area), it didn’t take long for him to command the attention of the servers at the restaurant.  I was rather astonished that he didn’t scream loudly in protest when they all started looking and smiling at him, instead he smiled back, well sometimes he showed his cheeky toothy grin… and when he was too overwhelmed, he lowered his head and peered shyly at them.  He did take a few spoonfuls of the mee too, but not the pastry.

Overall, it was a fun experience for both Mommy and Ethan. He was at his bestest behaviour and I was very proud of him …actually, the first time I’d taken him out for a meal myself 🙂  Pete was a tad concerned if I would be able to handle Ethan on my own in the mall, but his fears were unfounded because Ethan is always in a good mood in the mall… and that just makes everything so much easier…

After dinner, we went for a walk to Borders to get a copy of January’s Malaysian Women’s Weekly… here’s why…

What a fabulous way to start our weekend, eh?

  1. ParisB’s avatar

    Aww that was very sweet and we have our own little celebrity right here! 🙂

    Joyce says: Haha…would you like to meet him in person?


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Soon you’ll have lots more mommy / baby outings, eh? And Ethan is fast becoming a little superstar with all his published pictures!

    Joyce says: I’m sure there will be many more outings to come 🙂


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    you’re a very brave girl! i wouldn’t even think about it!!!!

    Joyce says: Gotta try it once to see if you can handle it!


  4. Bart’s avatar

    Perhaps Ethan will take up modelling? :o)

    Joyce says: Any leads? *wink*


  5. Susan’s avatar

    tat’s a very trademark smile by Ethan : )

    Joyce says: Hah…you noticed! He does it all the time when I point a camera at him and ask him to SMILE!


  6. Allan’s avatar

    Yet another appearance in the mags!! This celebrity sure knows how to start from young!.;-)

    Joyce says: Yep, that’s what they always say…never too young to start! 🙂


  7. shireen’s avatar

    That sounds like a very nice outing, just you and Ethan… how nice. I can’t handle it myself for sure. And what a cheeky smile that is, the little celebrity!

    Joyce says: He always smiles like that when I prompt him to smile!


  8. michelle’s avatar

    Yes, it is always fun to spend time with your child alone. It create more bonding. I do that with Emily every Friday. I think I must schedule the same with Tim.

    Joyce says: Oh, is that what you were doing when I met you in the mall a few weeks ago?


  9. chinnee’s avatar

    Joyce, the mother and child bonding time is great. However i had too many of it. Now i try to create opportunity for father and daughter :p

    Joyce says: You’ll have more opportunity when your twins come along!


  10. Angeleyes’s avatar

    I often bring Darrius out ever since I have the car mid of last year… he can be a handful sometime but at least I have company to share my food with though I have to clean up the mess later… hehehe Very paiseh every time he made a mess in the restaurant… 😛

    Joyce says: Maybe we should do a lunch/dinner date sometime?


  11. wen’s avatar

    its fun wasnt it? being able to bond with Ethan..

    Joyce says: Very much so. Can’t wait to do it again.


  12. mom2ashley’s avatar

    wow…good way to start the year actually! with ethan in the mag and all! and what a wonderful layout you did there!

    Joyce says: Thanks! I look forward to a great year ahead!



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