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Bible Verse of the Day

On his knees


Ethan’s latest *stunt* is to move around on his knees.  Sometimes when he is rolling around on the bed, playing, he will get up on his knees and make his way around the bed.  He tried doing it on our wooden floor too, but because of its hard surface, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why he prefers the bed.

Looks like there is no stopping him being an active little inquisitive boy, huh?

  1. huisia’s avatar

    buy him the knee cover

    Joyce says: Haha, I doubt he will want to wear it though.


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Let’s do the knee shuffle! *shuffle, shufle, shuffle*

    *creak, snap*

    Oops. Look like jiejie is not as limber as she thought she was! Lawl.

    Ethan boy rubs jiejie’s sore knee 🙂



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