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Time for a shower!


Ethan now prefers Mommy to give him his shower. Only when I am nowhere to be seen does he allow Daddy to shower for him. Sometimes when Pete attempts to give him a shower, he will vehemently push Pete OUT of the shower stall and ask for Mommy instead. I use the following shower ritual when I bathe Ethan.

“Ethan, come take your shower!”
Saying “Hands up!” will prompt Ethan to raise his arms high in the air so that I can remove his shirt. Then I say “Pants down!” followed by “Diaper off!”

1. With the use of the shower nozzle, wet his head and body.  Sometimes he would run and hide behind me in an attempt to escape the shower, but this does not happen often.
2. Apply Baby Sebamed on the face and shampoo on the head.
3. Shower to rinse off (thrice) soap suds.  Ethan will brush the water off his face vigorously while blowing loudly with his mouth.
4. Apply Baby Sebamed on entire body, lift one foot to wash the soles and then the other. 
5. Rinse off suds.  At times, Ethan will raise one leg at a time and rinse off the soap on his own with the running tap water.
6. Allow Ethan to play with tap water for a few minutes.  This is his favorite part of the session.  I normally end up wet all over, because our boy loves to splash the water everywhere.  And he loves turning the tap on and off; when it is on, it is normally at full blast.
7. Dry up and wrap up with towel.
8. Lift Ethan high enough for him to *turn off* the shower and *turn down the temperature* on the shower.
9. Give Ethan his tootbrush with a glass of tap water. Ethan loves to dip his toothbrush into the water repeatedly. Lately I am pleased to note that he loves to *brush* his teeth with the toothbrush. Well, not brush…but more like bite and suck on the bristles. Well, it’s good progress I would say.  Better than nothing la.
10. Change into pajamas or going out clothes.

Last night after he finished his shower, he didn’t even bother waiting for me to wrap him up and carry him out of the bathroom, as is our usual routine. Our boy independently walked out of the shower stall, climbed a step up and out of the bathroom and pranced around in his birthday suit in the living room!

  1. jazzmint’s avatar

    V also likes to run around in his birthday suit after bath 😐

    Joyce says: I wonder why they like to do that… a sense of freedom, perhaps?


  2. Joanne’s avatar

    wow, what a complete steps for showering a toddler!

    How come most kids prefer their birthday suit more than those clothing that we buy from the store huh! hahaha!

    Joyce says: Because they feel freeer than way!


  3. Sting’s avatar

    wow! you are systematic 🙂 good… no wonder he prefers you over daddy.. you are fun..

    Joyce says: Oh, but Daddy is even more systematic than Mommy!


  4. mom2ashley’s avatar

    LOL! he feels FREE in his birthday suit!

    Joyce says: I agree! He does that very often nowadays


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    I thought Ethan’d like (or prefer) daddy/baby bonding time in the shower? Hehehe.

    Joyce says: He used to, but his preference has changed of late.


  6. michelle’s avatar

    Won’t he wet the floor? Looks like he enjoys his shower.

    Joyce says: I try to wipe him dry as far as possible first.


  7. Jesslyn’s avatar

    My girls prefer me bathing them too coz their papa took longer time to bath them!

    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Joyce says: Yes, sometimes less is more! Btw, I thought you have twin BOYS??


  8. WS’s avatar

    Ern likes her daddy to shower her instead of me..simply becoz daddy took longer to bathe she gets to play longer with her duck..and DRINK the water! *pengsan*

    Joyce says: So more time for you to do scrapbooking! 🙂


  9. Shireen’s avatar

    Haha, my gals love to parade in their birthday suit too…. i gues they like the cooling feeling after their baths. Baby Seba Med is expensive eh?

    Joyce says: Yeah, just make sure they don’t do it too long though. We normally buy the Baby Sebamed when there is a promotion. It is suitable for Ethan’s skin.


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