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He loves pineapple tarts…

… just like me!

I am an ardent fan of pineapple tarts and it is one of the few things I really look forward to each time Chinese New Year comes around. Anyway, here’s the first batch of pineapple tarts I ordered to try.

It was just 24 pieces and I foresee it will be long gone before Chinese New Year gets here anyway. It has been a long while since I have seen pineapple tarts made this way (most of them are pineapple rolls now), so I was eager to see if they tasted good. Well, they were all right, but not blow-me-over-the-top good. Let’s just say I have tasted better. Anyway, Ethan loves them! He has a peculiar way of eating the tarts though. He will guide me to the table where I put the box of tarts, and throw my hand towards the box (duh). I have to hold the tart and feed him because it crumbles easily and I don’t want to risk having ants all over the floor. However, Ethan will only eat the crust, biting off a little at a time. I gave him a bit of the sweet pineapple jam filling and he spat it all out. Peculiar or not?

We are going to order two tins of yummy pineapple rolls soon, and these are guaranteed yummilicious good – we order them every year. Let’s see how Ethan reacts to them. I am curious to find out how he will pick the crust out from those.

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    yum…..if only i was in penang then can get contact from you.

    Joyce says: There are some good ones in KL too – if you want the contact, I can get them for ya!


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Aisay… the center filling is the best part la, Ethan Boy! You dun wan ah? Give jie jie! Hehehe.

    Joyce says: Mommy walloped the center filling before Rinnah gets to it!


  3. Vien’s avatar

    I always like the tart shape than the roll ones..and yes, nowadays, it is tough to find the tarts. I guess Ethan prefers the buttery taste.

    Joyce says: He’s just not a very sweet-toothy person.


  4. Shireen’s avatar

    I love these pineapple tarts too… love them to bits but after gobbling them down, I feel damn guilty 😉

    Joyce says: Haha! I never feel guilty, but I always regret not ordering more…


  5. Angeleyes’s avatar

    I made plenty last year and no takers as most of my family members here don’t have sweet tooth! So this year…. don’t know if I should make some…

    Joyce says: Aisay…you should have dropped them off at my place!


  6. mom2ashley’s avatar

    wow so fast yea..preparing for CNY… in fact I better get my act together and start preparing for CNY too!:)

    Joyce says: Yeah, it’s creeping up on us. Happy CNY to you in advance!



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