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Little Drummer Boy

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Close knit-sampler from
Kim B’s Designs

Stitched heart and Stamp Cluster from Lindsay Jane Designs
Star doodle: Doodle Me Big from Mikkel Paige Originals
Into the Mystic embellishments from Wenchd Grafix

Boxed words from Chantal
Sweet Serenity Alphas from Shabby Princess Designs

Here’s another parenting tip I have learnt.  Toddlers ADORE chopsticks.  Okay, I know they might poke themselves in the eyes with it, but when push comes to shove, we just gotta let them play, be themselves and well…. just keep a watchful eye.  Anyway, a few days ago we were having our family dinner in Old Town and Ethan suddenly decided he wanted to stand up in his high chair and wouldn’t sit still.

After a bit of struggling, I offered him my pair of chopsticks, and he eagerly took them, proceeding to *play* on the table.  It really looked like a professional jamming session, I tell ya.  Check out the intensity on his face as he plays to the rhythm.  It’s no wonder he enjoys Baby Einstein’s Meet the Orchestra so much, yes… especially the Percussion section.

  1. chinnee’s avatar

    haha…must be quite a cute scene in that shop then :p

    Joyce says: All that was missing was the band and a singer…


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Future drummer? *grin* Let him pick up whatever musical instrument he finds interesting.

    Joyce says: Yeah, that’s what we are letting him do too.


  3. Shireen’s avatar

    LOL…. is Ethan going to be the future Malaysian Idol? I guess most toddlers love chopsticks, same here with my gals 🙂

    Joyce says: Dunno yet…or maybe One in a Million star?


  4. Angeleyes’s avatar

    kids just love to make some noises on the table aren’t they? 😛
    Ethan certainly look like a drummer!

    Joyce says: Yeah, he must have learnt all that from watching MTV!


  5. sasha’s avatar

    yeah agree just let them play and we keep an eye from a distance.. u never know maybe that’s the next pro drummer leh!

    Joyce says: Oh, I wouldn’t wanna get in the way of a pro drummer then!


  6. slavemom’s avatar

    Wah.. got the drummer gaya leh. 😉 Same here, my boy oso likes to play with the chopsticks or spoons at restaurants.

    Joyce says: I bet if we put them all together, they would make a ruckus!


  7. Sting’s avatar

    ahhh… the wonders of the humble chopsticks… 🙂 hey, he’s gonna be 2 years old soon ya?

    Joyce says: Yes he will be 2 tomorrow!


  8. ablogaway’s avatar

    Happy Birthday Ethan Boy 🙂

    Joyce says: Thank you, Irene!


  9. sharine’s avatar

    do you know that chopstick is another musical instrument for young learner?

    Joyce says: Yeah, I should know! I used the chopsticks when I started out learning how to play drums last time!



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