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Up, up and away!

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One of Ethan’s favorite activities is climbing stairs. We don’t have stairs in our condo unit, so he is only exposed to stairs at our swimming pool and other places where there are steps. So it was akin to a child in a candy store when we visited his Ah Chek’s home that Saturday night after his early birthday party celebration. The newly-renovated house had a flight of stairs, just beckoning to Ethan. So as expected, he walked right up to it and started climbing. I was behind him all the way, and watched while he used the banister as a support and pulled himself up step by step, like an expert, all the way to the top. Everyone was oohing and aahing and saying how clever he was.  And of course, it was a great form of exercise for whoever it was that was supervising him all the way up.

But when it came time for him to come down, he wanted to step down two steps at a time! We had to guide him step by step, but he still didn’t get it. My Dad managed to guide him down properly once, making Ethan hold the wall for support, but that was it. The rest of the time, he wanted to go down the express way. High achiever, would you say?

  1. michelle’s avatar

    Who says condo do not have stairs? Hehehe…btw he is always welcome in my home, if he wants to climb stairs. Of coz, it comes with toys too. Have a Blessed Chinese New Year!

    Joyce says: Gee, thanks for the offer Michelle! I’m sure he will feel absolutely at home at your house, since my BIL’s house is in your neighborhood too!


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Haha… express way down two steps at a time? That original.

    Do be careful while Ethan’s on the stairs though. I had a nasty fall when I was about that age (climbing down with a cousin the same age when she stumbled and accidentally knocked me down about eight steps).

    Joyce says: Gee…falling down the stairs is scary. We always make sure someone accompanies Ethan every time he is on them.


  3. Sting’s avatar

    hehe.. at least he didn’t say he wanna slide down the banister! 🙂

    Joyce says: That’s cos he ain’t tall enough yet…hahaha…


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Ethan would love my house then. I live in a townhouse with 2 long flights of stairs – one to the living, one to the bedrooms!

    Joyce says: I think he will have a field day in your house!


  5. WS’s avatar

    Ethan wants to go up the staircase all over again..that’s why must quickly come down..:-)

    Joyce says: Oh yessss… that must be it! He also thinks Mommy needs the exercise badly, I think.


  6. chinnee’s avatar

    i m back, i m back!! haha…..think this is the most pening part for most parents when their kids starting to climb the stairs!!

    Joyce says: I take it that you are commenting based on your own experience? I wonder when the peningness will end!


  7. amy’s avatar

    hi…i am new comer.. just curious hw u edit urpic with the templates..
    coz i don no how to upload those pic n drag it into the templates.
    pls help

    Joyce says: Hi Amy, I use photoshop to do my digital scrapping. I will drop you an email too.



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