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Head over heels in love with cloth!

Cloth diapers, to be precise! 🙂 

I’ve been putting off my cloth diapering plan for Ethan for such a long time.  My original plan was to have him fully on cloth diapers as soon as possible.  And I am ashamed to say that I have been so bad at keeping to that.  Last year, I bought him four pieces of megacute cloth diapers, but that was about it.  Sometimes they would leak because of the way I put them on him and I would be frustrated.  So I kept putting my plan off.  And then lately, the diapers began to stink big time.  Even after just an hour of putting them on, the smell was rather revolting.  Which led me to suddenly remember that I probably need to strip wash them.

And strip wash the diapers I did.  After that, the diapers worked perfectly again and my love for cloth diapers was reignited!  And thanks to so many many emails back and forth with my diaper guru, Christene, I have learnt so many additional terms and jargons about cloth diapers to educate me for life!  I recently ordered more diapers, different brands this time, just to have a variety and feel of all of them, and of course to satisfy my insatiable appetite.

I got two diapers from Sandra for starters.  The first one is a My Precious Baby fitted diaper, with side snaps.  Christene recommended this for the heavy wetter, i.e. Ethan, and I absolutely LOVE this diaper!  My Precious Baby diapers are handmade diapers made by a WAHM in the USofA.  These gorgeous diapers are made from velour, which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, and they look so LUSH!  My Precious Baby diapers have 2 layers of velour and 3 layers of thirsty hemp fleece sewn into the diaper.  There’s even an additional piece of soaker included for the sake of the heavy wetter.  What I really love about this diaper is how the colors and prints coordinate beautifully.  I ordered the purple and orange combo diaper with a zoo animal print soaker that matches the diaper perfectly.  I was fortunate that Ethan, being of small built, can still fit into an M size, because it was the only size available in this color combination.

Can you tell how adorable they look?  I fell in love with it instantaneously!  And I was pleased to note how trim the fit is!  Even with the diaper cover (fitted diapers need a cover by the way, but it is really up to individual preference), it still doesn’t look bulky.  This is really a diaper which looks absolutely gorgeous and is fully functional at the same time!

Then I also got one Drybees pocket diaper for Ethan.  These are fastened with velcro, so I wanted to evaluate them before I got some more to let Mrs Tan use during the time Ethan is with her.  I’ll have to say I am reasonably satisfied with this diaper.  It’s not as smooth and soft as Bumwear though, but putting it on is a breeze.  Unfortunately this has leaked a couple of times already, and I am now determining if it is because I got it in too large a size for Ethan.  One thing I have to say though…Drybees diapers come in fantastic prints!

Lastly, because I wanted to make up the minimum order of RM200 to qualify for free shipping, I also ordered some Wahmies cloth wipes, also thanks to Christene’s recommendation.  There were so many pretty prints to choose from that I had a hard time zeroeing in on my final selection.  I plan to use these as much as possible to replace the wet wipes, and in fact, while waiting for my order to arrive, I had already begun using wet cloth hankies when we go out, instead of using wet wipes.  These Wahmies cloth wipes though, are really softer compared to the conventional hankies, because these have flannel on the print side and soft cotton sherpa terry on the other.  What luxury! 

And now, I am excitedly awaiting another batch of diapers to arrive, all the way from USA, this time!  Yes, I know some people might say it will be time for Ethan to start toilet training soon, but why delay putting him on cloth diapers?  Besides, I am only now starting him on the big business toilet training, so he will definitely still need to be on diapers.  In any case, it sure feels good going green!

  1. chinnee’s avatar

    Joyce, am just about to start survey on these CD things….very confuse as there are so much choice yeah…

    Joyce says: Yes, it was pretty confusing for me at first too. But I slowly grasp the different types of CDs and made informed choices. Do let me know if you need information or clarification, okay?


  2. Sting’s avatar

    oh, I’ve a lot about cloth diapers from a lot of blogs. they look great, don’t they? hmm, will consider getting them for my baby 🙂

    Joyce says: Trust me, you won’t regret switching to cloth ever! I just can’t wait to get Ethan out of his dispos and into cloth every day!


  3. slavemom’s avatar

    It’s nvr too late to start. Moreover, after Ethan outgrows them or doesn’t need them anymore, they can be passed on to his younger sibling(s). 😉

    Joyce says: Yes, that’s why I started last year, but I never followed through. It’s never too late 🙂


  4. rinnah’s avatar

    Those cloth diapers are certainly very colorful and cool! They’re like a fashion statement unto themselves. 🙂

    Joyce says: They are awesome!! And I can’t get enough of them!


  5. Shireen’s avatar

    Those cloth diapers certainly look funky and attractive. But is it troublesome to wash the soiled diapers? Do you soak them first before putting them into the washing machine OR they have to be handwashed?

    Joyce says: It’s no trouble at all washing the diapers. No need to soak. Poo rinses off easily with just using the water from the shower nozzle, and I throw them into the washing machine together with other clothes. Some people don’t even rinse out the pee before throwing them in the washer, but I prefer to do that.


  6. mom2ashley’s avatar

    glad that both mommy and son are happy with cloth diapers.

    Joyce says: Yes, we are both absolutely enjoying the experience!


  7. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Seems like alot of trouble…and looks warm??

    Joyce says: On the contrary, washing them is not too much trouble….just throw in with the rest of the laundry. And it really is very cooling…dispos are way warmer, because the material is not breathable.


  8. allthingspurple’s avatar

    Ethan sure looks comfortable in his new cloth diapers, yea? Love the square graphic print dipes !

    Joyce says: Yeah, I’ll bet he is! Thanks for the excellent recommendation!


  9. vivianz’s avatar

    Oh my oh my, we all got influence by this Christine, huh? I just got totally addicted to CD too!

    Joyce says: It’s really a difficult addiction to break… haha


  10. Sandra’s avatar

    Hi there
    Glad that you and your boy joined us in the cloth diapering world.
    Once you try on cloth it is un-imaginable to switch back to dispo.
    And thank for the compliment of the MPB diaper colors combo.
    I picked it my self. From the color of outer layer, inner layer, snaps and I think the printed flannel part will give a little excitement for both baby and mom ! 🙂
    I had fun to choose the color combo ( not to mention the headache too) as I must imagine what will be the result like. And glad to found out that many moms love the colors combo as much as I do.

    Welcome to the cloth diapering journey and I hope you have a wonderful experience!

    Take care


    Joyce says: Thanks for the note, Sandra. Yes, I adore the color and design combo.


  11. ablogaway’s avatar

    When I’m ready for cloth diapering, I might concult you again on all those choices of CD out there. Ethan certainly looks sexy in that diapers, ya 🙂

    Joyce says: Yeah, I agree…those look like baby Speedos huh? Wonder if they come in red? Hmmmm…


  12. sharine’s avatar

    Great additional to the diaper stash! Hopefully MPBaby can solve the night diapering problem and have enough absorbency for Ethan! Yes… I prefer cloth than disposable now… huhuhu…

    Joyce says: Guess what? My Precious Baby is a godsend! I can put him on MPB with a diaper cover and he can sleep through for 10 hours!!! I will try this a few more times before I confirm though…


  13. huisia’s avatar

    my eli got the bad rashes after wearing the cloth diaper, maybe i should consult you 🙂

    Joyce says: Rashes?! Cloth diapers are supposed to reduce and prevent rashes woh….let me know if I can help in any way.



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