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Look…What could Ethan be doing? Lately, he has developed a rather strange habit in that he has started to show a lot of interest in the Christmas doggie soft toy that his Ipoh Ah Ma and Ah Kong gave him over a year ago. Actually this love in itself is not weird, because Ethan was born in the year of the dog, but what is odd is that he likes the rounded tip of the doggie’s santa hat. Ethan would hold the dog, put the rounded furry tip into his mouth and chew and chomp on it till it is all wet. Then he would take the rounded tip and rub it all over his face, sometimes taking a whiff of it.

We think this could be a side reaction to him being weaned off the breast. What do you think? Well, it looks like I will certainly have to wash the doggie very very often now!

  1. sasha’s avatar

    eh my son also born in the year of doggie but he doesn’t chew like that. But he will suck his fingers and smear the saliva on his face. I think they wanna make saliva mask la.. hehehe

    Joyce says: Maybe saliva mask is good for complexion leh? Haven’t you noticed how smooth baby’s skin is?


  2. slavemom’s avatar

    Errr.. furry tip… maybe u wanna stop him from chomping on it? He may swallow some of the fur wor. And yeah… definitely hv to clean it more often.

    Joyce says: He hasn’t been doing it for the past few days liao…because he found another Snoopy soft toy with a rounded tip nose too! haha


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    Errr… why do kids like the smell of saliva? One of my nephews used to come and purposely drool saliva (or rub his sticky hands) on everything and anyone. Then he’d take a big whiff of his saliva and giggle hysterically…

    Joyce says: Maybe it’s the saliva that keeps them on an adrenalin high…


  4. jazzmint’s avatar

    eeiii..smelly smelly. My son don’t have this habit, but I used to have it LOL. I like to chew on my bolster string kakaka

    Joyce says: Thank goodness he didn’t follow in your footsteps…


  5. Joanne’s avatar

    Put bonjela at the rounded tip and wean him off from the rounden tip!! hahahah

    Joyce says: Now that’s what I call reusing the existing knowledge base!


  6. Sting’s avatar

    kids and saliva seemed to go together ๐Ÿ™‚

    Joyce says: I wonder why, eh? Is it because they produce more than us adults?


  7. ablogaway’s avatar

    I think he likes his own smell then! There’s one time Sze Yi kept licking her own pillow too, much to hubby’s annoyance.

    Joyce says: But we are all supposed to like our own smell what…



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