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Bible Verse of the Day

Where does the food go?

Ethan is a healthy toddler who eats non-stop, so to say.  After we come back from a meal outside, he will ask for yogurt, fruit juice, Yakult and sometimes fruits and biscuits too.  Then after his shower, he will take about 5oz of milk.

Lately, he has also acquired a taste for the Old Town roti bakar.  He will happily chomp down one piece on his own (see pic above).  And that’s not inclusive of the hor fun he steals from my bowl.  Tonight at Friday’s, in addition to the spaghetti he spooned and forked into his mouth on his own, he also used his hands to pick several pieces of tomato and chicken to eat.

So how come he’s still as skinny as ever?  Not that I am worried or anything…. I am okay with it as long as he is growing up strong and healthy 🙂  Well, it must be all the running around he is engaging in.  I mean, have you seen this boy running up and down the sloping walkalators?

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    I wish I had Ethan’s metabolism rate! Then jiejie wouldn’t be so chubby… hehe. Lawl.

    Joyce says: You gotta practise running up and down escalators when in the malls, trying to stand up on the chair while eating and dragging your Mommy and Daddy around everywhere. Then you gotta sleep late and wake up early 😛


  2. chinnee’s avatar

    but he doesnt look skinny in the photo, hehe….parents normally happy when see their kids not fussy on food :p

    Joyce says: Well, you know what they say about the camera adding on the pounds! Haha…


  3. michelle’s avatar

    At least you don’t have to waste time feeding him.

    Joyce says: I’m waiting eagerly for the day he can feed himself without the food dropping all over the place.


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    I think it’s all the running lah and also he could be growing taller?

    Joyce says: Yes! He is definitely shooting up!


  5. rani’s avatar

    Not fussy, not too skinny, not too fatty! Charming bloke u hav there;)

    Joyce says: Hey…thanks for the compliments. I’ll make sure I let my Mr Bulat know…


  6. Shireen’s avatar

    Wow, he can really eat a lot eh? I guess toddlers (esp boys) have high metabolic rate since they are extremely active. What’s important is not their weight, but good health, right?

    Joyce says: Yes, ma’am…good advice coming from the Health Freak Mommy 🙂



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