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First step to socializing

So after some due consideration, we’ve finally decided to enrol Ethan in the parent-toddler class we took him for the trial class earlier.  This would mean an hour and a half each week of fun learning activities for him, and it would be the perfect ground to establish his socializing skills.  Although we take Ethan out many times a week, be it to the mall or to restaurants, he hardly has any direct contact with kids his age, hence when he meets strangers or come face to face with large groups of people, he tends to shy away, sometimes screaming in anger.  This is apparent in almost all family gatherings we have been to.

Last Saturday was Ethan’s second session at the class (including the trial class), and we can see some improvement in his socializing skills already.  At the first lesson, it took him some time to warm up and start playing, but last Saturday, he eagerly *attacked* the toys he wanted to play with.  Although he is very much different from the rest of the kids, preferring instead to play on the playground frame cube instead of sitting down quietly like the rest of the kids and listen to the teacher, we can tell that he thoroughly enjoyed himself there.  Why, after we had lunch, Ethan fell asleep on the way home and continued sleeping even after we reached home…with a smile plastered on his face!  By the way, I need to remind myself that I have to get some sunblock for Ethan, given the fact that he would be spending more time in the sun than usual now.  Last Saturday’s class ended with an outdoor picnic for all the kids, complete with biscuits, fruits, ice-cream and water.  Ethan totally dug the biscuits 😛

We also find the teachers at the school very patient and very professional – they look as though they have been dealing with kids all their life!  People running these programs need to have a way with kids, as is apparent with both teachers we have met so far.

We had to pay for three months’ fees in advance at the school (RM112 X 3), so let’s just wait and see what these three months would reap for Ethan.  Meanwhile, I have a hunch he’s gonna look forward to every Saturday in eager anticipation!

  1. Sting’s avatar

    oh.. my friend signed up his son for this too (at least I think it’s the same.. it was a few years ago) and they found it to be pretty good too

    Joyce says: Oh goody! I take it that your friend is in Penang?


  2. michelle’s avatar

    After 3 months, if there is no improvement, pay me 100 bucks and I let Tim & Emily play with him. I am sure his social skills will improve….:P

    Or faster get a little bro/sis for him to play with.

    Joyce says: He will be climbing up and down that flight of stairs in your home!


  3. wen’s avatar

    i think Ethan looks like u la! its gd to sign up for some classes for kids, young ages can absorb more!

    Joyce says: He does? *beams* Yes, let’s see how he progresses for the next three months. As it is, we are quite satisfied because he has shown signs of not fearing strangers as much now. And it’s just after 2 sessions!


  4. rinnah’s avatar

    Baby sunblock? Hehehe. You are one prepared mommy! I wouldn’t have thought of it. LOL.

    It’s good that you’re building up Ethan’s socializing skills now rather than later. God knows what a bratty kid I was in my younger days, always refusing to share! (Signs of an only child.)

    Joyce says: Actually, I thought of it after I myself had some sunburn on my nose and cheeks after the sessions at The Learning Garden. teehee!


  5. chanelwong’s avatar

    He did have fun….good for him…

    Joyce says: We’re sure he did too, judging by his laughter and giggles!


  6. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Sounds like fun! The ones in KL all run out of shopping malls, which defeat the purpose I feel. No outdoor picnics, that’s for sure!

    Joyce says: Yeah, that’s true…but the ones in the malls are catered for convenience I suppose!



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